3 Tips for a Safe and Entertaining RV Camping Season

It’s that time of year again! Families are pulling the tents out of storage, purchasing marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers along with the bug repellent and packing up the RV’s. Yes, you guessed it—camping season has finally arrived! Before you lock the front door and hit the highway to visit your favorite camping destination, take […]

5+ Propane-Powered Camping Gadgets You Want for Your Next Trip

Camping is a great way to unplug, relax, and get back in touch with nature. However, just because you’re heading out into the great outdoors doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice some of the comforts of home. In fact, with propane-powered gadgets, you can bring many of the conveniences you love with you on your […]

Change the Way You S’more

S’mores are a classic campfire treat that combines toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. While the traditional recipe is a crowd-pleaser, there are many ways to switch it up and make this delicious snack even more interesting. Whether you’re on a camping trip, or sitting around your propane fire pit in the backyard, these new […]

Why You Should Fuel Your Tiny Home With Propane

Have you heard about the Small House Movement, also referred to as “Tiny Houses”? There is a growing trend across the country among certain homeowners, often described as visionaries; to simplify and downsize the exorbitant lifestyle that they feel has become so predominant in recent decades. Not only do these admirable, nature minded individuals see […]

Heat Pump vs. Propane Furnace: What Is Best for Your Home?

Choosing a heating system for your home can have a major impact on your utility bills and energy consumption. According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, heating systems consume as much as 50% of the energy used in the average home. Heat pumps use a refrigerant system to capture outside heat, drawing […]

Four Easy Ways to Cut Down On Your Hot Water Energy Bills

Have you ever looked at your residential power bill and wondered how you could save more? If the answer to that question is yes, then keep reading. Did you know that a QUARTER of the money an average household spends on energy bills comes from heating water? That’s right! Heating your water for your bath […]

The Most Cost-Effective Energy Upgrades For Your Home

Do you want to add some energy efficient upgrades to your home, but don’t know where to start? Wondering how to get the most power savings for your investment? A recent study by the Newport Partners LLC, “Whole-House Analysis of Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Existing Homes,” evaluates dozens of energy efficiency measures (EEMs) to answer […]

What’s Better Than a Warm Propane Fireplace on a Cold Winter Day?

There’s no better time than now to consider propane for home heating. With a cold, long winter literally right around the corner, a gas fireplace or insert will keep your family comfortable, safe and warm. At ThompsonGas, our residential propane gas fireplaces are both practical and pleasing to the eyes, plus you can choose from different styles, designs and quality brands […]

How To Prepare Your Home In Advance for Winter

Even though temperatures may not be bad when you’re reading this, you know how it goes– colder temperatures of fall and winter show up in the blink of an eye. It’s not too early to start preparing for colder weather. The steps you take now can help you be prepared for the next coming winter.  […]

10 Things To Keep Your Family Safe in a Winter Storm

Winter weather can bring heavy snow, extreme cold, sleet, ice, and blizzards, all of which can cause extended power outages and hazardous travel conditions. It is important to be prepared for such situations to reduce the risks to you and your family. This is especially important if your home uses propane to generate heat or […]