Why You Should Fuel Your Tiny Home With Propane

Have you heard about the Small House Movement, also referred to as “Tiny Houses”? There is a growing trend across the country among certain homeowners, often described as visionaries; to simplify and downsize the exorbitant lifestyle that they feel has become so predominant in recent decades. Not only do these admirable, nature minded individuals see no need to live in an excessively large house, they also find themselves unburdened by the expenses that come attached with traditional home ownership.

How Small Are Tiny Houses?

The average American home is estimated at being roughly 2,500 square feet. Compare that to the size of “McMansions”, large homes that helped to burst the housing bubble just a few years ago, averaging a living space of 7,000 square feet or more, and you can easily see how small these Tiny Houses actually are. Imagine an average square footage of 120 square feet within a footprint consisting of a mere 8 feet by 20 feet!

Why Have Tiny Houses Become So Popular?

Ask any owner of a Tiny House why they chose to build and live in such a small structure and you’re likely to get the same answers. Tiny Houses are very inexpensive to build, easier to maintain, offer a less cluttered, simplified lifestyle and are much less expensive to heat.

What Is The Best Way To Heat A Tiny House?

Many Tiny House owners have chosen to utilize propane over traditional fuels to heat their humble abode. Reasons for choosing propane include the inexpensive price in relation to other options, the fact that propane is a safe, clean burning fuel unlike wood, as well as the fact that this amazing fuel is easily accessible.

Portable propane tanks or larger, stand-alone tanks can be used in even the most rural settings; areas where natural gas may not be available.

Propane is also able to heat water for cooking and bathing as well as being used to cook gourmet meals in the mini-kitchens of Tiny Houses nationwide.

If you want to learn more about the Tiny House Movement there are several resources available online including photos, videos, blogs—even do-it-yourself floor plans! If you’re interested in find a propane supplier to heat your Tiny House or are considering what the price of propane would be if you decide to join the movement, simply contact us at 800.768.6612. We will be happy to answer any of your propane questions!


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