The Top Five Ways to Enjoy Propane This Holiday Season

1. The Smore the Merrier! 

Deck the halls and pass the marshmallows! We’re helping you bring the holiday cheer outdoors this season. Pull up a chair around your outdoor firepit and start a new tradition of making holiday smores. This simple dessert has endless possibilities, and with the convenience of your propane firepit, there won’t be any fuss or muss usually associated with a campfire. Festive Tip: Substitute gingerbread cookies for graham crackers, and add sprinkles, gumdrops, or peppermint patties for a new spin on this classic treat.  

2. Hot Chocolate by the Fire (Duh!) 

A roaring fireplace? Hot chocolate in your favorite holiday mug? Need we say more?  Nothing spreads holiday cheer more than curling up by the hearth with a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate. With the click of a button, you and yours can be gathering around your smokeless propane fireplace, pretending not to peek in your stockings.  Friends and family will enjoy warming their feet by the fire, sharing stories, and making new memories.   

3. Hot Water for Everyone (Even your in-laws!)   

You get a hot shower! And you get a hot shower! And you get a hot shower!


The holidays have a special way of bringing people together…close together. If you are sharing your home with family this season, chances are there are more people sharing your utilities than usual. To some, this might be cause for alarm, but not for you.  With a propane powered water heating system, you won’t have to worry about using up all the hot water… so, take a few extra minutes for yourself and remember that everyone will be leaving for the airport in a few days.  

4. Outdoor Propane Lamps  

Even the Saint Nick needs a little help now and then, especially after the sun goes down. This season, why not illuminate your home with some beautiful propane sconces, making it even more merry and bright? Propane gas lamps look clean and effortless as part of your holiday decorations.  Switch on outdoor propane lighting for a festive sparkling touch that will help light Santa’s way and add to your twinkling decor. (Oohs and aahs from your neighbors not included.) 

5. (After the) Sleigh Ride!  

Make it a winter to remember. Picture it: You’re 8 years old. You just opened all your presents from Santa. You’ve been eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate since 6am. Now you are coming in from the snow to warm up, only to go back out after another round of goodies.  How can you quickly get your coat, mittens, and hat dry so that you’re ready for another snowball fight with your favorite cousins?  Thanks to your propane powered appliances, Jack Frost doesn’t stand a chance and your gear will be dry in no time!  Having efficient and reliable propane appliances means that you never have to slow down, especially during the holidays. 

If you’re looking for a trusted propane company this holiday season, feel free to contact us or call 855-965-5577. We look forward to speaking with you and hope you have a great holiday!


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