Why CHOOSE ThompsonGas?

For over 75 years, ThompsonGas has been the Trusted Name in Propane.

Whether it’s picking up the phone and connecting with a live specialist or just handling everything online, doing business with ThompsonGas is easy. What can you expect when working with ThompsonGas?

  • Convenience of online fuel ordering and bill pay
  • Peace of mind that comes with our commitment to quality service and safety
  • Security of 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year
  • Clarity of remote tank monitoring capabilities
  • Flexibility of payment and delivery options
  • Reliability of automatic delivery (optional)
  • Plus a $75 credit for each new customer you refer!

That all sounds great, but...

What makes ThompsonGas different?

We care about family and relationships

To us, you’re not just another customer. When you join ThompsonGas, you’re a member of the family. And that means we do everything we can to keep your family warm, safe, and comfortable

From your local customer service representative to your neighborhood delivery driver who keeps your tank full, we all value our relationship with you and welcome your family into ours. 

We LISTEN AND continuously improve

We listen to our customers–but it doesn’t just stop there. We wouldn’t be the great company we are today without you, the customer. 

While we may be as old as your granddad, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn new tricks. ThompsonGas continuously improves to always serve our customers best, from bettering our employees through leadership coaching, to bettering our equipment and technology. 


We value employees and know that the best people deliver the best service. Once we find the best people, we keep them!

We listen to our employees just as we do our customers. We value safety, a healthy work/life balance, and a culture built on passion, respect, and collaboration. We find that happy employees consistently go above and beyond for you–the customer. 


We’re not motivated by short-term financial gains or dividends for stockholders like publicly traded energy companies.

ThompsonGas is focused on the long-term: sustainable growth, consistent and reliable customer service, and security for the families that depend on us–both employees and customers. 

We value safety over profit

Protecting customers is our number one priority. From 24/7 emergency service and comprehensive Gas System Safety Inspections before we start your service, to customer education and partnering with local fire and police departments on training, ThompsonGas exceeds OSHA safety standards.  

We're Locally Operated and Nationally Powered

When Lloyd and Martha Thompson created the first ThompsonGas in a little storefront in Boonsboro, MD, they may not have realized it would one day become a coast-to-coast operation. ThompsonGas is the best of both worlds: it’s the warmth and personal touch of a small town ‘Mom and Pop’ business, backed by the power and resources of a national company.


Whether you’re spending precious time with family, powering your business, or pursuing your weekend passion, we power the moments that matter.

Watch our new full-length TV spot below!

Okay, but at the end of the day...


Short answer: Nope!

With ThompsonGas, you’re not just buying propane. You’re paying for the quality service you deserve. Our local team of professionals are always ready to answer your calls and deliver your propane on time.


Never Run Out Of Propane

With automatic, monitored service and regular payments, you and your family never have to worry about running out of propane.

Remote Tank Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of your propane levels and save the trip outside to check your gauge. When it's almost time for a fill, your monitor notifies us and we deliver.

24/7 Emergency Service

Suspect a leak? Concerned your tank is getting low? Need an immediate repair? ThompsonGas offers 24/7 coverage for all of your propane emergenices.

Peace of mind means you can live worry-free and in the moment.


Online Portal

The ThompsonGas online portal makes managing your account, making payments, and requesting a delivery or service a breeze. Access your account anytime from anywhere.


With AutoPay, your bill is paid automatically from your bank account or charged to your credit card of choice. Don't want to log in every month? You don't have to.

Automatic Delivery

No more need to check your tank levels or call to schedule an appointment. With Automatic Delivery, we schedule your deliveries based on a number of factors so you never run out.


Level Pay

By spreading your annual propane costs out over a twelve-month period, you can avoid large bills and make planning ahead easier for you and your family.

Energy Tracking

My Energy Hub (the ThompsonGas customer portal) will allow you to set and track energy usage goals, making it easier for your family to stay in budget.
(Coming Soon)

Competitive Pricing

ThompsonGas is fair and competitive in our pricing. It all starts with just giving us a call!

How do I know I can trust ThompsonGas?

Don't take our word for it!

"The staff at ThompsonGas are always very helpful they follow up and assist you in anyway they can."

Amy Domingos
"Always get prompt and courteous service when having our propane tank filled."

RuthAnne Clickner
"I reached out to Thompson Gas after Amerigas let my tank run dry.. I made one phone call to Thompson Gas and a truck was scheduled for same day delivery."
Travis Croft
"Such a great experience - excellent customer service and they worked really hard to help us out while we were in a tough spot..."
Kara Claxton

Not to mention the thousands of commercial clients that trust ThompsonGas nationwide.



We're committed

to being your provider of choice.

ThompsonGas is the largest private propane company in the United States, and we’ve been providing peace of mind to customers like you since 1946.

Let’s start the relationship. Contact us today!