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Gain valuable leadership skills as you generate real, tangible change and growth in one of the top 10 largest propane retailers in the nation. You’ll connect with company leaders, identify and cultivate your strengths, build lasting relationships, benefit from ongoing professional development, and collaborate across departments to produce meaningful work.

We value our people.

To date, more than 52% of interns have taken full-time positions with our team. 

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2023 Interns

Get to know this year’s ThompsonGas Interns!

Conner McGinnis

Management Intern
Location: Belleville, IL
Hometown: O'Fallon, IL
School: Southern Indiana
Project: Cargas Cylinder Exchange

Ariel Heuer

Management Intern
Location: Chippewa Falls, WI
Hometown: Fall Creek, WI
School: Viterbo University
Project: Customer Engagement Marketing

Mitch Reigle

Management Intern
Location: Orlando, FL
Hometown: Annville, PA
School: Bradley University
Project: AM Profit Accountability

Serafina Maerten

Communications Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Martinsburg, WV
School: Shepherd University, WVU
Project: Digital Signage

Jabari Johnson

IT Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Waldorf, MD
School: North Carolina A&T State University
Project: Cybersecurity

Adam Bialzak

Management Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Frederick, MD
School: University of Minnesota
Project: Customer Touchpoint Optimization

Breccan Berns

Management Intern
Location: Polo, IL
Hometown: Oregon, IL
School: University of Iowa
Project: Customer Safety Engagement

Cavan Narkiewicz

Management Intern
Location: Collingdale, PA
Hometown: Haddon Township, NJ
School: Rowan University
Project: Dock Exchange Process

Leanne Gotard

Digital Marketing Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Damascus, MD
School: York College
Project: Social Media Content Strategy

Josh Miley

Management Intern
Location: Duluth, MN
Hometown: Duluth, MN
School: University of Minnesota-Duluth
Project: Refined Fuels Operations Expense

Gabe Stotler

IT Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Warfordsburg, PA
School: Shippensburg University
Project: API Developments

Cameron Jordan

Digital Marketing Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Purcellville, VA
School: The Master's University
Project: Loudoun County Campaign

Jacob Mattheis

Business Intelligence Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Middletown, MD
School: University of Maryland
Project: Business Intelligence

Carson Fowler

Management Intern
Location: Charlotte, NC
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
School: Clemson University
Project: Small Tank Initiative


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Yesterday's Interns – Today's Leaders!

Catch up with some of our successful former interns!

Peyton Wercinski

District Manager, ThompsonGas
Former Management Intern

“What made my experience so unique was that I got a taste of a lot of different positions because the Duluth office is so diverse. What stood out to me the most was that everyone believed in what I could accomplish and encouraged me, even though I was and still am so green to the industry and company.

I believe the most impactful thing was presenting my project at the end of the internship. I was able to prove to myself the amount of things I had actually learned. It also pushed me out of comfort zone when I presented to a large group of people consisting of my peers, upper management, and the executive team. I think the biggest skill I learned through my internship was how to be adaptable. This industry changes on a dime and in order to keep up and be successful you have to be able to think on your toes and figure out fast, effective solutions.”

Amelia Pasquino

Business Intelligence Analyst, ThompsonGas
Former IT Intern

“The propane industry is not one that immediately springs to mind when looking for a tech internship, but I have come to realize how important IT and development can be in any field.

The most valuable thing I learned in the internship was the importance of working outside your department. Understanding how other departments operate and how my work impacted them has allowed me to make more of an impact company-wide.”

Carter Chandler

Account Manager, ThompsonGas
Former Management Intern

“ThompsonGas provided an immersive experience that allowed me to actively learn from each functional department on the ground and gain insights directly from our executive leadership team. Our project assignments allowed me to research and design my own presentation on the potential AutoGas market for our executives, which led to my initial interest in the propane industry.

The most valuable takeaway from my internship at ThompsonGas was experiencing the culture that our company embodies from top to bottom. The relationships established with our upper management and local teams provided a seamless transition into my new job. This type of environment is what I was in search of upon graduating college, not just with ThompsonGas, but with any company. This is a huge reason why I decided to return to Thompson Gas as a full-time Account Manager for our Smokey Mountains region.


We are currently accepting applications for the Summer Internship Program. Questions about the program can be directed to [email protected].