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Gain valuable leadership skills as you generate real, tangible change and growth in one of the top 10 largest propane retailers in the nation. You’ll connect with company leaders, identify and cultivate your strengths, build lasting relationships, benefit from ongoing professional development, and collaborate across departments to produce meaningful work.

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To date, more than 52% of interns have taken full-time positions with our team. 

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2024 Interns

Get to know this year’s ThompsonGas Interns!

Mason Jenkins

Management Intern
Location: Boonsboro, MD
Hometown: Charles Town, West Virginia
School: Clarks Summit University
Project: Inventory & Parts Processes for Distribution and Residential Business

Mia Melendez

Human Resources Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Germantown, MD
School: University of Southern California
Project: On-Boarding Experience for New Hires

Sawyer Haupt

Management Intern
Location: Bozeman, MT
Hometown: Rapid City, SD
School: Montana State University - Bozeman
Project: Route Planning & Execution

Eleanor Yi

Management Intern
Location: Chippewa Falls, WI
Hometown: Robbinsville, NJ
School: University of Oregon
Project: ReLi Marketing & Analytics in a Fixed Pricing Territory

Brayden Smit

Management Intern
Location: Brighton, CO
Hometown: Denver, CO
School: University of Colorado Boulder
Project: Efficiency in Mountain Routing

Max Bumgardner

Management Intern
Location: Decatur, AL
Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL
School: University of Alabama
Project: Community Involvement & Driver/Tech ReLi Sales

Sara Hawks

Management Intern
Location: Eugene, OR
Hometown: Portland, OR
School: University of Oregon
Project: ReLi Marketing Strategy

David Butts

Accounting Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Hagerstown, MD
School: La Salle University
Project: Interstate Tax Compliance & Optimization / Enhancing ReLi & Distillate P&L Reporting

RayAnna Howard

Management Intern
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL
School: Florida Gulf Coast University
Project: Area Digital Service Strategy

Alexandra Karasik

Business Intelligence Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
School: Penn State University
Project: Streamlining Business Processes with RPA

Jackson Moricle

Management Intern
Location: Hendersonville, NC
Hometown: Boone, NC
School: Appalachian State University
Project: Tank and Parts Inventory

Garrett Jordan

Management Intern
Location: Knightdale, NC
Hometown: Waxhaw, NC
School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Project: Appliance Installation to Support Gallons Growth

Kyle Flickinger

Videography Intern
Location: Frederick, MD
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
School: Towson University
Project: Day In The Life Video Library

Clinton Hill

Management Intern
Location: Oroville, CA
Hometown: Chico, CA
School: California State University, Chico
Project: Using AI for Routing

Elliot Erdahl

Management Intern
Location: Owatonna, MN
Hometown: Savage, MN
School: South Dakota State
Project: Pricing Strategy for Agricultural Business

Nathan Barr

Management Intern
Location: Tuscumbia, AL
Hometown: Florence, AL
School: University of Northern Alabama
Project: Cell Signal Technology for ReLi Meter Installation


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Yesterday's Interns – Today's Leaders!

Catch up with some of our successful former interns!

Billy Wood

Safety and Strategy Analyst, ThompsonGas
Former Management Intern

“The internship experience allowed me the opportunity to learn and understand how the company operates at all levels. The ability to gain first hand experience is essential in order to understand our company's processes. As I have moved into the Safety department, I can make that much more of an impact because the time I have spent getting to truly see how people impact the company. ”

Laura Hasani

Senior Talent Strategy Administrator, ThompsonGas
Former Management Intern

“My internship experience was extraordinary with the support I had at the Huntsville branch and getting to learn from a great group of individuals in different functions. From the first day I worked in the branch, they made me feel apart of the family and ensured I had everything I needed to have a successful summer. This feeling was not just how the employees treated each other but also our customers, ensuring we were giving them peace of mind on every call. Making these great connections with our communities and knowing I had the support of everyone allowed me to optimize on a great opportunity to grow in a great industry.

When I got the opportunity to present my project, the most impactful feeling was knowing what I worked on over the summer was going to help and support a variety of employees. I came in not knowing much about the propane industry and was excited to jump right in, learn from others, and develop something that I would be proud of. The project taught me that even though you may not know something, that does not mean you can’t do anything. You can set yourself up for success by communicating with anyone at the branch, asking for help, and embracing the challenge..”

Noah Hurd

Data Analyst, ReLi Energy
Former Management Intern

“As a finance major, I certainly didn’t expect to find myself in the propane industry. What started as a summer internship opportunity quickly blossomed into a job I love. Working at ThompsonGas has allowed me to immerse myself into the dynamic world of propane. My internship experience was filled with learning, support, and personal growth. I appreciated the structure of the internship program: spending my summer learning the daily operations of a propane company while also working to complete a larger, summer-long project to present to the leadership team. I’ve found fulfillment working to grow ThompsonGas’s metered propane program, called ReLi. Focusing on ReLi’s growth has provided me countless opportunities to learn more about the propane industry, and how ReLi will change it all. The ThompsonGas community is truly exceptional . People here enjoy their work, and deeply care to see the job done right. ThompsonGas is special because the entire organization is invested in safety, innovation and providing exceptional service to our customers."


We are currently accepting applications for the Summer Internship Program. Questions about the program can be directed to [email protected].