5+ Propane-Powered Camping Gadgets You Want for Your Next Trip

Camping is a great way to unplug, relax, and get back in touch with nature. However, just because you’re heading out into the great outdoors doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice some of the comforts of home. In fact, with propane-powered gadgets, you can bring many of the conveniences you love with you on your camping trip. Here are five propane-powered gadgets that can enhance your next camping experience.

Hot Coffee / Tea Without Fire

If you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee, a propane coffee maker is a great gadget to bring on your camping trip. It allows you to brew a fresh cup of coffee quickly and easily, without having to build a fire or wait for water to boil. Look for a propane coffee maker with a compact design that can be easily stored in your camping gear.

Hot Showers In The Middle of Nowhere

When camping, there are few things more luxurious than a hot shower. Being out in nature is a wonderful experience, but it can also leave you feeling sweaty, dirty, and uncomfortable. That’s why having a portable propane shower can make a world of difference.

With a portable propane shower, you can easily set up a private shower stall in the great outdoors. Simply connect the propane tank to the showerhead, fill up the water bag, and you’re ready to go. The water heats up quickly, allowing you to enjoy a hot and refreshing shower no matter where you are.

Cook Anything You Can At Home

Your camping diet doesn’t need to be limited to cans of beans. A propane camping stove is an essential gadget for any camping trip. It allows you to cook a variety of meals with ease, from bacon and eggs in the morning to steaks for dinner. With a propane stove, you don’t have to worry about finding firewood or waiting for charcoal to heat up. Plus, the adjustable heat controls make it easy to cook your food to perfection. Look for a lightweight and compact propane camping stovetop that is easy to pack and transport.

Waking Up to the Smell of The Forest and… Fresh Pastries

Boiling, frying and sautéing isn’t the limit. Yes, if you are so inclined, you can bake bread on a camping trip. A portable propane oven is designed to connect and sit right on top of your portable propane tank, and an easy-to-read thermometer means you can do anything from baking a pizza to keeping food warm for your loved ones. Many options even fold flat to save space in your pack or vehicle.

Extend the Daytime Hours

A propane lantern is another must-have gadget for camping trips. It provides bright and reliable light that can help you navigate through your campsite at night. Plus, it’s safer than using candles or open flames. A propane lantern is also a great way to create a cozy ambiance in your campsite, perfect for late-night campfire stories or a game of cards. Look for a propane lantern with adjustable brightness and a durable construction.

Honorable Mentions

  • Portable Generator: If you really don’t want to sacrifice the comforts of home, or need to catch up on some laptop work without cancelling your trip, bring a portable generator with you! Look for something that’s easy to haul in in your vehicle or RV, and the quieter, the better.
  • Portable Fire Pit: Prior to everyone turning in for the night, you’ll want to have a fire going. Portable propane-powered fire pits are perfect for such a need, and don’t require you to find wood, build a fire ring, or stay up and wait for the fire to burn out before it’s bed time.
  • Propane-Powered Torch: Having a portable torch can be handy for toasting marshmallows or starting your fire.
  • Propane Heater: Many campsites and reserves may limit your abilities to build a fire at night, so having a propane-powered portable heater to keep your tent warm is a great option.

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