Four Easy Ways to Cut Down On Your Hot Water Energy Bills

Have you ever looked at your residential power bill and wondered how you could save more? If the answer to that question is yes, then keep reading. Did you know that a QUARTER of the money an average household spends on energy bills comes from heating water? That’s right! Heating your water for your bath and showers, washing your dishes, washing your clothes, and cleaning is a massive chunk of energy! So if you are looking to lower your bills, then taking a look at your hot water usage is the first place you should start.

Here are four SIMPLE and quick ways to reduce your next energy bill:

Cut hot water usage where possible

We all love long showers, relaxing baths, and leaving the faucet on while we brush our teeth, but we rarely think about how many gallons of water those menial pleasures actually consume! The number of hot water gallons you use adds up quickly –here are some typical amounts for common appliance usage:

  • Clothes washer – 25 gallons
  • Shower – 10 gallons
  • Dishwasher – 6 gallons
  • Kitchen / bathroom faucet (1-2 gallons/minute)

Focus on taking shorter showers and see if your washing machine or dishwasher have a water saving feature! Go through your house and check for any leaky faucets and perhaps consider installing special low-flow faucets and shower heads. These simple, daily fixes could easily cut your energy bill significantly without causing any serious upheaval to your daily routine!

Change your hot water heater thermostat setting

You probably didn’t know that most water heaters are factory set to generate hot water at 140 degrees which is much hotter than most of us ever need. Generally speaking, lowering that temperature to 120 degrees F is fine for everyday household use. Anything higher than that will be consuming more energy than needed and thus, increasing that pesky energy bill!

Insulate your storage tank

After water is heated, it can sit for long periods of time in a storage tank that will eventually cool, and in the winter months, it will cool much quicker! That means you could be paying for that water to heat and then reheat (sometimes even multiple times) to reheat it for use. When you insulate that storage tank, you are slowing the heat loss and lowering the amount of energy being used to continuously reheat the water. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safety! Contact your local ThompsonGas if you need assistance or have any questions about the safety of your tank or to help locate the burner compartment – which should never be covered.

Upgrade your water heater

There are plenty of high efficiency conventional or tankless propane-powered water heaters that can produce an endless supply of hot water, take up less space in your home, and save you lots of money in the long run. We always recommend investing in one if you are looking for the best way to cut down on energy! If you are converting from oil to propane, this investment could save you even MORE money (and faster).

Saving money doesn’t have to take a ton of time and energy. These simple tips could significantly cut your propane home heating prices and save you time and money!

Considering an upgrade to a high-efficiency propane water heater? Contact your local ThompsonGas propane supplier today for more information!


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