5 Tips To Stay Extra Warm This Winter On a Budget

While we all love a good snow day and hot cocoa, winter also often means high heating bills. Luckily, by choosing propane for home heating, you have plenty of options to help you save energy and money this winter! Keep reading to find out just a few tips for keeping your tootsies and house warm […]

Ten Reasons Why Propane is Better Than Charcoal

Mac vs. PC… Hatfields vs. McCoys… Coke vs. Pepsi. Propane vs. Charcoal. Thousands of homeowners and commercial chefs across the country buy and use propane gas grills. While a charcoal grill boasts that rich, smoky flavor grillers love, propane grills pack a meaner punch in convenience, control and ease of use. When the dust settles, propane is […]