3 Tips for a Safe and Entertaining RV Camping Season

It’s that time of year again! Families are pulling the tents out of storage, purchasing marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers along with the bug repellent and packing up the RV’s. Yes, you guessed it—camping season has finally arrived! Before you lock the front door and hit the highway to visit your favorite camping destination, take a few minutes to review our propane handling tips, specifically created to make sure your family has the safest, most entertaining time possible this season!

Choosing Your Portable Propane Tank

All seasoned campers realize how important it is to bring a propane tank along when visiting your favorite camping spot. This incredibly convenient fuel is able to power everything from camping stoves, heaters for those chilly summer nights when the sun goes down, and can even be used to keep your beverages cold when using specially equipped refrigeration products! When selecting your portable propane tank, remember, just because that really unique camp-colored tank would look cool with your matching sleeping bag, it may not be the best one to bring along with you. Dark colors absorb heat quickly, whereas light colors reflect heat. That’s not to say a dark tank poses any danger, and can be the perfect choice to use during hunting season, but when the sun beats down for several hours on your tank, you’d be better suited choosing a lighter color. There’s a reason propane tanks for your barbecue grill are usually white!

Make Sure Your Propane Tank Or Line Is Leak-Free

While it’s very rare to experience a propane leak, you can never be too safe. Before hooking up your portable propane tank, you can test it out by lightly pouring a mixture of dishwashing detergent and water on your tank, along the hosing and over the valve. If any propane is escaping, you will notice small bubbles appearing.

There are a variety of propane leak detectors available, created specifically for RV use. These safety items are able to sound an alarm when any propane is detected outside your tank, allowing you the opportunity to turn off any spark producing utilities. In the event your propane alarm does sound, leave your RV immediately, alert your neighboring campers and contact a propane service provider to immediately report the problem.

Always Turn Your Portable Propane Tank Off When Not Using

We understand the excitement of traveling to the campsite, and we also know how difficult packing up to head home can be—but one thing you must always remember before putting the vehicle in drive—make sure you’ve securely turned the propane tank valve completely to the off position. Make sure all appliances are in the off position and turn off the gas supply valve by turning it clockwise (to the right). Only open the valve to your portable propane tank when all items are properly connected, and you intend to use them. When finished cooking with your portable stove or turning your heater off for the night, shut the valve!

Remember, camping is the most fun when everyone is safe! Have a great camping season, and if you’re looking for a trusted propane supplier, look no further than the Trusted Name in Propane: ThompsonGas.


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