ThompsonGas Offers 24 Hour Emergency Service

Need an immediate repair? Concerned your propane tank is getting low? No worries! ThompsonGas is available for propane emergencies 24/7.

If you suspect a propane leak, call us immediately at 800-768-6612 and follow the directions listed below:

  1. Immediately extinguish any open flames. Never turn on or off any lights. Do not use any appliances, television or telephone in order not to produce any electrical sparks or static.
  2. Leave the premises immediately! Ensure the entire family and any pets are a safe distance from the house.
  3. Turn off the gas supply valve on your propane tank, but only if you can access it safely. In order to close the valve, turn it clockwise all the way to the right.
  4. Call us at 800-768-6612 from a safe location as soon as possible, then contact your local fire department.
  5. Stay in a safe location, (a friend or neighbor’s house) until ThompsonGas determines it is safe to return.
  6. Never turn on any of your propane-powered devices until a ThompsonGas specialist has performed a detailed inspection of your system, deeming it leak-free.

For emergencies, please call

24-7 Repairs