Metered Propane SERVICE

Only pay for what you use, and never run out.

The ThompsonGas metered service program, named ReLi (which stands for Reliable Affordable Energy) provides customers with a way to pay for the propane fuel as they use it. At ThompsonGas we are committed to providing you with reliable service, and ReLi helps us deliver on that commitment. We currently offer ReLi in several of our markets (see the map), and we are expanding. 

  • Monthly Bills based on what you use
  • Never run out of gas guarantee
  • Free installation 
  • No more delivery fees
  • Peace of mind

Avoid the traditional propane 'big bill'

Bills are sent out monthly for the propane you’ve used in the last 30 days. This system helps you avoid the ‘big bill’ of paying for a tank fill.

Traditional Propane Billing

ReLi Billing

With metered service, devices are connected to your incoming propane line and nearby tank. This tank may belong to you, be leased, or be a system that fuels your entire community / compound. The device, which sends data back to ReLi about your usage, allows you to pay for fuel as you use it, instead of paying for a tank fill like you would with typical propane service.

Our advanced tracking system constantly monitors the propane levels in your tank, so you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of gas or have to make delivery calls.

If you’re interested in ReLi coming to your area, we want to hear about it! Fill out the form here and let us know:

Imagine a new way to manage your propane

Consider switching to ReLi metered propane for a hassle-free and convenient propane experience. With our innovative technology and customer-focused approach, you can enjoy the benefits of paying only for the propane you use each month without worrying about big bills upon delivery. You’ll receive monthly bills for the propane as you use it, giving you greater control over your expenses.