15 Things Your Home Emergency Kit Should Have In It

An emergency can happen at any time, and it is always better to be prepared beforehand. Having an emergency preparedness kit is a great way to ensure you and your family are ready to face any crisis. “What should I have in my kit?” is a common question that people struggle with. It can be […]

10 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Family Safe in a Hurricane

Hurricanes cause countless property damage and endanger thousands of lives every year. Many times, it isn’t the hurricane itself that endangers people; it’s the accompanying flooding, mudslides, and power outages. If you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes or flooding, it’s a good idea to prepare accordingly. Hurricane season typically starts are the […]

How to Never Be Inconvenienced By Another Power Outage Again

At best, power outages can be frustrating. Best laid plans to binge-watch your favorite show, catch up on work, or prepare a special dinner can be ruined in an unforeseen instant. At worst, power outages can even be dangerous– especially during extreme weather conditions or emergencies. All of the above can be magnified if the […]

10+ Great Activities For When The Power Is Out

We sometimes don’t realize how much we rely on electricity to keep us and our families entertained until we lose it. When the power goes out, it can be a challenge to find activities that are enjoyable for the whole family. If it’s light outside, you may have some more options, but what about when […]