ThompsonGas Company History

A Long History of Satisfied Customers

Successful propane companies don’t just happen. Success requires nurturing, year after year, to assure that customer expectations not only are met, but also are exceeded. At ThompsonGas, we trace our beginnings back to 1946, the year Lloyd Thompson founded our company in Boonsboro, Maryland. We’ve served that small farming community for over six decades with a commitment to service and a reputation for strong family values.

Today, ThompsonGas is one of the top 16 propane companies in the US. ThompsonGas provides propane services to residential and commercial customers nationwide, and has delivered fair propane prices consistently.

ThompsonGas is a company founded on the solid family operated business principles of trust and service, old-fashioned values that never grow old.

Breaking ground on a new location
ThompsonGas Boonsboro Grand Opening 2012
  • 1946

    Lloyd and Dortha Thompson establish the ThompsonGas Company in Boonsboro, Maryland.

  • 1969

    Jim Thompson incorporates the company. The name changes to ThompsonGas & Electric Service, Inc.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas completes its first acquisition, People’s Gas of Brunswick, Maryland, for less than $17,000.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas warehousing moves to a new facility at the south end of Boonsboro. This facility begins a process that facilitates a complete move of the company to this property.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas offices move to Old National Pike property in state of the art facility. Business doubles in size after the move.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    J. Randall Thompson takes over the helm of the company. The company completes the acquisition of Baker & Russell in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. This acquisition doubles the size of the company. It also stretches the management team to operate a multi-branch company.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas completes the acquisition of Ramey’s Inc. as a foray into the West Virginia market.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas completes its acquisition of Nichol’s as a foray into the Virginia market. Additionally, ThompsonGas completes acquisition of Region’s Propane in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee, making ThompsonGas a multi-region company.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas completes acquisition of Clark’s further solidifying it’s West Virginia presence.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas forms a limited liability company with Appalachian Heating, LLC in Bradley, West Virginia to provide propane service to southern West Virginia.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas completes acquisition of Suburban Gas in Alabama.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    Completes acquisition of Tri-State Propane, Inc. in Georgia, Shelby Propane Gas Company, Inc. and Deupree Gas, Inc. in Alabama. ThompsonGas opens ThompsonAce in Boonsboro, Maryland.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas completes acquisition of L&P Propane in Alabama.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    ThompsonGas completes acquisition of Carolina Gas Piping, Inc. in Harrisburg, North Carolina. Additionally, ThompsonGas forms TGPH Baltimore Rail Terminal Series, LLC.

  • Sep 15, 2017


    Completes acquisition of West Georgia Propane in Bremen, GA and Upson Propane in Thomaston, GA. ThompsonGas also opens a ThompsonGas location in Cullman, Alabama.