How Many Turkeys Can You Fry with a 20 Lb. Propane Tank? 

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to change colors, and it’s your turn to host the big family Thanksgiving dinner at your house. This year, you want to stray from the normal and cook a meal that will have everyone raving for the next 12 months. You decide that you want to […]

Propane vs. Natural Gas: Which is Cheaper?

Safety, efficiency, cost, and environmental impact are huge factors to consider when selecting a fuel for your home. Here, you’ll see the differences between propane vs. natural gas to better inform you and assist in making the best decision for you and your home. SAFETY Safety is priority and to better understand safety concerns you […]

Is Summer the best time to buy my propane?

Many budget-conscious and smart-saver propane users will opt to buy the bulk of their propane in the Summer, instead of in Fall or Winter when they’re more likely to need / use it. Why do they choose to do so? Is Summer really the best time to buy your propane? Lower Demand Most importantly, Summer […]

Should you install your own propane appliances, or let a professional handle it?

Installing a new propane stove, tankless water heater or clothes dryer may seem like a relatively easy project, but, in fact, it’s a big responsibility. It’s always a good idea to leave installation of any propane appliance to the professionals—and ThompsonGas is here to help. When It Comes to Propane Appliance Installation, Safety First When […]

How Long Will My Propane Supply Last in an RV?

The last thing you want to do is run out of propane in the middle of a camping trip. But determining how long your RV propane tank will last can be challenging due to various factors. For instance, if you’re in warmer temperatures, you won’t require as much propane to run your heater. Similarly, the […]