Is Summer the best time to buy my propane?

Many budget-conscious and smart-saver propane users will opt to buy the bulk of their propane in the Summer, instead of in Fall or Winter when they’re more likely to need / use it. Why do they choose to do so? Is Summer really the best time to buy your propane?

Lower Demand

Most importantly, Summer is the time when demand for propane is at its lowest. During the winter months, demand for propane increases significantly as people use more propane to heat their homes. This increased demand leads to higher prices for propane. Conversely, during the summer months, demand for propane decreases as people do not require as much propane for heating purposes. This decrease in demand leads to lower prices for propane, making summer often the best economical time to buy propane.

Abundance of Supply

Summer is also the time when many propane suppliers have an abundance of supply. Propane suppliers prepare for the winter months by storing propane during the summer months. This allows them to have a surplus of propane on hand when demand increases during the winter months. As a result, propane suppliers are more likely to offer discounts and promotions during the summer months in order to reduce their inventory levels. This surplus supply also makes it easier for consumers to find propane, even in remote areas.

Summer Incentives, Promotions, and Programs

Propane suppliers are more likely to offer incentives and promotions (like ‘new customer specials’) during the summer months to encourage people to switch providers, or simply to switch to propane. Some providers and markets allow customers to take advantage of Pre Buy offers, where by purchasing propane in bulk up front, the customer may get a significantly reduced price per gallon. Other areas may allow customers to sign up for Fixed Price Agreements (also known as ‘locked’ price agreements) that will guarantee the customer a fixed rate per gallon over a period of time / usage.

Other Considerations

Many people who already have a propane company will switch providers in the summer, to find a company who will provide them with better service. This is especially true if their current provider left them ‘out in the cold’ during the colder months; It can be difficult to switch providers in the middle of Winter.

Summer is also when many propane suppliers typically perform tank inspections and maintenance, as it is easier to access tanks when the ground is dry and free of snow. This maintenance can include checking for leaks, replacing worn parts, and cleaning the tank.

Those who are looking to convert to propane (from electric, oil, wood, etc.) will commonly do so in the summer months, while there is less demand on their heating system. By switching to propane, homeowners can save money on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

All things considered, Summer may very well be the best time for you and your family to purchase your propane. But doing so isn’t for everyone! While it might be smart for some will-call customers to fill their tank in advance, a ThompsonGas customer who is signed up for automatic delivery will always get their fuel when it’s needed, no matter the time of year or supply. If you’re looking for a trusted propane supplier, choose the Trusted Name in Propane – ThompsonGas.


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