Five Uses for Propane You Didn’t Know About

While you may be up to speed with all the tremendous benefits available when using propane to fuel your home, vehicles and appliances, we bet there’s a few uses for propane that you may have never considered. In fact, we’re ready to reveal five of them right now! Curious? Then let’s get started!

#5. Zambonis

Yep, bet you didn’t know that those incredible, awe inspiring vehicles that so gracefully clean the ice between hockey periods are often powered by propane! If it weren’t for this amazing invention, named after it’s creator Frank J. Zamboni, can you imagine how long it would take to prepare the ice for play? Yes—propane helps hockey players get down to business, which gives all of us fans the thrills we’re seeking!

#4. Forklifts

Ok, you may already know a bit about propane being used to powered forklifts, but do you realize why propane is the forklift’s fuel of choice? Besides being an inexpensive alternative fuel, propane tanks are easy to change, saving time and money, on refueling. Also, propane produces less exhaust inside the confines of America’s warehouses and worksites than gasoline powered vehicles. Which leads us to…

#3. Buses, Trucks & Equipment Fleets

More and more business and school districts are converting their vehicle fleets to propane. Why? Well, all businesses need to understand their bottom line, and, overtime, propane saves businesses a lot of money, not only in fuel cost but in vehicle repairs as well. If you’re interested, you can learn more at Thompson Autogas.

#2 Airsoft Guns

Manufacturers of airsoft guns discovered that propane, when mixed with specific silicon material, made a very useful propellant and alternative to CO2 or electric. This fuel is called “green gas” and has become very popular with airsoft / military simulation enthusiasts.

#1 Movie Special Effects

Ever find yourself watching an action movie, totally impressed by the explosions and special effects? Many of those scenes were filmed by professionals utilizing liquid propane. This is the same type of propane many amusement parks also incorporated to thrill and entertain guests.

So, there you have it, five uses of propane you may have never even thought of, and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg! Don’t believe us? Think we’re just full of hot air? Interesting…and what type of gas do you think is most commonly used to elevate hot air balloons? You guessed it—Propane!


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