The Pros of Propane

There are many advances to using propane gas over the “other guy’s” fuel. Let me tell you why we think Propane is not only the best choice for your fuel needs but also the best choice you can make for your family.

  1. Propane is considered the environmentally friendly fossil fuel

Propane is insoluble in water so it presents no risk to soil and ground water supplies. Propane creates radically less pollution than the power plants supplying you with electricity, so you help protect the environment by providing cleaner, more breathable air.

  • Propane is more efficient than the alternatives

You can reheat a whole tankful of water in just 20 minutes with propane, compared to an hour with electricity! With propane you get more hot water from your tankless water heater because it recovers 2½ times faster than an electric one, and it costs about 30 percent less to operate.

  • Propane is made in America

Bet you didn’t know that over 90 percent of the propane used in America is created in the U.S., reducing our dependency on imported oil.

  • Propane is affordable

On average, propane costs about half as much per BTU as electricity and propane gas fireplaces cost 30 to 60 percent less per hour of operation than do wood burning fireplaces. Think of all that extra money you could be saving a year just switching to propane, CHA-CHING!

  • Propane is easier to maintain

Electric heat pumps last an average of 14 years, while propane gas furnaces last an average of 20 years. It also costs less to repair a propane gas furnace than it does an electric heat pump.

If you’re looking for a trusted propane supplier, or you just want to learn more about propane and its uses, visit contact your local office to speak to a ThompsonGas Representative today.


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