Should you install your own propane appliances, or let a professional handle it?

Installing a new propane stove, tankless water heater or clothes dryer may seem like a relatively easy project, but, in fact, it’s a big responsibility. It’s always a good idea to leave installation of any propane appliance to the professionals—and ThompsonGas is here to help.

When It Comes to Propane Appliance Installation, Safety First

When ThompsonGas installs your propane appliances, you can be certain we go to extreme lengths to assure your fittings are safe and secure. For over 70 years, we’ve been helping homeowners just like you experience all the benefits available with home propane. Our skilled propane technicians understand how to install your equipment, and to check for even the smallest propane leak. When you choose ThompsonGas to safely install your propane appliances, you’ll never have to worry about improper ventilation.

Time Is Money—And You Can Save Both!

Yes, you could still choose to install your propane appliance yourself, and of course you will check every fitting for safety, but do you really want to spend valuable time to do so? We’ve installed every type of propane appliance imaginable, and we have it down to an exact science! Rolling the dice and choosing a plumber from an online ad is another option, but can you be certain they are well-versed in installing propane appliances? Our propane installation rates are very competitive and our stellar customer service is second to none.

ThompsonGas Can Help You Choose the Right-Size Propane Appliance

When it comes to choosing the proper size, capacity and style of your propane appliance, it’s important to consult with a propane specialist.

When you’re ready to replace your appliances with convenient, energy-efficient models, please give your local ThompsonGas office a call. We are always here to help with all your propane needs.


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