6 Reasons To Choose a Propane-Powered Lawnmower

Whether you are purchasing a mower for personal or professional use, there are plenty of reasons to consider using propane. The following are six of the benefits when choosing propane over gasoline for your next lawnmower:

  1. Propane generally costs approximately a third less than gas.
  2. Propane mowers require less time and money for cleaning, maintenance and repairs which reduces operating costs.
  3. Propane is cleaner and produces fewer greenhouse emissions than gasoline or diesel.
  4. Propane is readily available in the U.S., easy to store and easy to handle.
  5. Propane burns more efficiently and gets the job done with minimum effort.
  6. Propane is cooler-running which means your engine won’t see the extreme temperatures and stresses like a gasoline-burning lawn mower.

Propane mowers are robust and economical. Due to their portability, ease-of-use and clean burning nature, they are gaining in popularity. Make the smart choice and choose propane.

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