10 Ways You Can Use Propane In Summer

Who says you only use residential propane during the winter to heat your home? The summer sun may be shining, and there’s never been a hotter time to power your home and outdoor living with propane. To help you kick the summer off right, here are 10 easy ways you can use residential propane gas for summer fun at home and in your backyard.

1. Grilling: Celebrate the summer with friends and family by barbecuing on your home propane grill. Many of our locations Our retail stores feature practical, durable grills from top brands like Twin Eagles and Grillmaster. Plus, we can refill your tank and provide grilling accessories to enhance your grilling experience to its fullest potential.

2. Air Conditioning: Need a break from the hot summer sun? Cool down inside while saving money and energy with AC systems powered by propane. Not only can ThompsonGas provide the propane for your AC, but our professionals also offer repair, installation, replacement and more to make sure your AC runs smoothly and efficiently.

3. Fire Pits: Fire pits are becoming backyard staples, and propane makes it easier than ever to ignite a fire fast. There’s no need to buy, handle or chop wood. Flick a switch and enjoy the ambiance. Make sure you have those marshmallows ready for roasting though — your fire will be ready in just seconds.

4. Outdoor Cooking: In addition to your grill, home propane can be used for other outdoor cooking products like turkey fryers, fish cookers, smokers and more. Premium manufacturers like Regency Outdoor, Peterson and Camp Chef offer products to suit every home chef’s needs, plus ThompsonGas carries many of these same products at our retail stores.

5. Patio Torches: Need a little light on your patio at night? Patio torches powered by propane create a subtle ambiance and keep the party going long into the night. The propane cylinders work efficiently without creating any messes.

6. Outdoor Heaters: Not all summer nights are hot and humid. For those chillier nights, snuggle up to an outdoor heater. Portable propane heaters can be used in the backyard, on the patio, in the garage — wherever you need a little extra warmth. 7. Pool Heaters: Propane gas service pool heaters are a popular choice for swimming pool owners. Solar-powered pool heaters can be pretty pricey, but propane pool heaters offer lower operating costs while enhancing the overall pool experience.

8. Camping Stoves: Are camping, hunting, tailgating or cookouts on your horizon this summer? Propane camping stoves provide a great place to cook when you’re in the great outdoors, plus their portability makes them easy to bring along wherever you go.

9. Landscaping: Whether you have your own landscaping business or simply maintain your own property, propane-powered landscaping tools are a great alternative to manually pulling weeds, cutting the grass or spraying chemicals. Landscaping torches, for example, safely burn away weeds, sterilize animal cages and more.

10. Back-Up Generators: Propane service delivers stand-by energy when you need it most. Summer storms can be devastating for homeowners, but propane back-up generators help prevent weather power-related issues. Never worry about losing power again.

Call ThompsonGas, your favorite propane supplier, to power your home and backyard the proper way with propane.


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