Propane Use Throughout The Seasons

For some of us, our favorite season coming to an end is a bitter pill to swallow.

As your propane provider, we feel it’s or obligation to put your mind at ease regarding the passing of your favorite season.  Even with the cold/warm winter ahead you can still rest assured you’ve made the wise choice by utilizing our favorite affordable fuel source.  In fact, propane is such a diverse product, you can take advantage of its benefits all year round!


  • The temperature can be a bit unpredictable during late September through the middle of November, but that’s ok! You can still enjoy some quiet nights outside while staying warm by using propane to fuel your outdoor fireplace.
  • Does anything really come close to being as good as a meal cooked on the grill? Just because it’s not hot dog and burger season it doesn’t mean you have to pack your propane grill away. Go ahead, fire up some steaks or grill some vegetables outdoors!
  • While you’re enjoying your backyard for those last fleeting days of fall, now is a good time to ensure your propane tank is topped off for the winter months ahead.


  • You’ve always taken pride in you’re ability to plan ahead, and this is the time of year where you will really save money on your heating bill! Your friends and neighbors that are still using electric, natural gas or oil to keep their homes toasty are going to be sad when the arrives, but not you! You totally understand the economical benefits of heating your home with propane.
  • You know, since you still haven’t moved your propane grill into storage, there’s nothing wrong with still using it to warm up some chestnuts for the Holiday Season.


  • The snow has melted and the ice has thawed, which means it’s time to get back to doing yard work.  Did you know that more and more landscaping companies are converting their equipment to run on propane? You can invest in converting your lawnmower to propane as well, not only decreasing the risk of polluting the environment, but also increase motor efficiency.
  • Spring comes with its share of severe storms, but your power will never go out when you invest in a propane generator.
  • Once again, you were smart and kept your propane grill up and running during the cold months. Now is the time to give it a tune up, check all of your fittings and get that tank filled.


  • Ahh, it’s the return to the Dog Days of Summer, and what better way to enjoy yourself than swimming in your backyard pool? As a propane user, we don’t have to remind you that you can save a lot of money heating your pool with lp gas.
  • One of the summer’s greatest leisure time activities is camping, and, you guessed it, propane makes your outdoor experience more enjoyable! Portable heaters, cooking appliances and even the refrigerator in your RV can be powered by propane! Can’t you just picture yourself enjoying the Great Outdoors?
  • And, do we really have to say it? Summer was intended for cooking on the grill!


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