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Nestled in the Sacramento Valley, Willows, California, is a community where residents appreciate the reliability and versatility of propane in their daily lives. Prized for its clean-burning characteristics, propane is a popular choice for heating homes during the cooler months, providing a consistent and efficient warmth that aligns with the town’s agricultural heritage.

Beyond heating, Willows residents commonly use propane for cooking, water heating, and powering various appliances. This diverse application of propane speaks to the town’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, as propane produces fewer emissions compared to traditional energy sources.

The town’s embrace of outdoor living is complemented by the use of propane-fueled amenities such as grills and fire pits. Whether it’s a family gathering or a community event, propane contributes to the warm and social atmosphere that characterizes Willows.

Residents often engage in discussions about optimizing propane use, emphasizing energy efficiency and exploring ways to minimize the town’s overall environmental impact. In Willows, propane stands as a reliable and environmentally conscious energy source, embodying the community’s dedication to sustainability and quality living.

ThompsonGas provides propane services to more than 250,000 residential, commercial, and agricultural customers nationwide. We’ve been providing clean American energy and peace of mind to our customers since 1946.

We continue to operate under the business principles of trust, service, and taking care of our employees and customers. ThompsonGas is currently one of the largest multi-state independent propane companies in the United States.

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Available on-site

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Visit: 526 South Butte Street, Willows, CA, USA
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Sam Tucker
District Manager, Willows, CA

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