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Nestled in the heart of southern Alabama, Ozark embodies a close-knit community where propane serves as a crucial energy source for both residents and businesses. This charming town, surrounded by natural beauty, relies on propane for its versatility and reliability in meeting various energy needs.

In Ozark’s residential areas, propane is commonly employed for heating homes, fueling water heaters, and powering stoves. The clean-burning nature of propane aligns with the community’s commitment to environmental responsibility, providing an efficient and sustainable energy option for households. Additionally, propane plays a pivotal role during power outages, serving as a dependable fuel for backup generators to ensure uninterrupted energy supply for essential appliances.

Local businesses in Ozark find propane to be an indispensable energy source, particularly in the hospitality and food service industries. Restaurants and eateries use propane for cooking, offering a consistent and cost-effective solution. Propane’s versatility extends to outdoor heating elements, allowing businesses to create comfortable outdoor spaces for patrons.

Ozark’s agricultural sector also benefits from propane, which powers equipment such as irrigation systems and heaters for greenhouses. This demonstrates the town’s dedication to leveraging propane as a clean and efficient energy source across various sectors, supporting both economic growth and environmental sustainability.


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Gary Bowdoin
District Manager, Ozark, AL

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