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Aiken is a charming city located in the western part of South Carolina, known for its rich history, equestrian culture, and natural beauty. With a population of over 30,000, Aiken has become a popular destination for tourists and visitors seeking a peaceful and welcoming community to explore.

One of the primary attractions of Aiken is its deep connection to equestrian culture. The city is home to several world-renowned equestrian events, including the Aiken Steeplechase and the Aiken Triple Crown. Visitors can also explore the Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and Museum, which celebrates the city’s long-standing history as a hub for horse racing and training.

Aside from equestrianism, Aiken is also known for its outdoor recreational activities, such as hiking, golfing, and fishing. The Hitchcock Woods, one of the largest urban forests in the country, provides a scenic backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts to explore.

Propane is widely used by local residents and businesses in Aiken, primarily for heating and cooking purposes. With Aiken’s mild climate, propane is an efficient and cost-effective fuel source for residents looking to heat their homes during the winter months. Additionally, many local restaurants and businesses use propane to power their equipment.

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Above ground tank installation, Underground tank installation, Running exterior lines, Trenching, Tank maintenance, Pilot lighting, Gas log cleaning, Forklift cage/cylinder installation, Propane safety check, Gas stove installations and conversions, Gas leak tests, Tank set, Space heater installation, Propane dispenser installation


Available on-site

Tankless water heaters, Log sets

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