Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ThompsonGas respects the rights of our customers and pledge to protect your privacy and personal information. In order to provide you the best service possible there are a variety of online contact information forms we do utilize on our site. These data forms include the following:

Contact Us Information Form

Anyone who is interested in contacting ThompsonGas is able to provide their business or personal information by filling in the form located on our Contact page. Any information you provide will never be shared, sold or disseminated to a third party.

Employment Application Form

For those interested in employment opportunities with ThompsonGas will be asked to provide personal information on our Careers page. Any information provided will never be shared with a third party, however, your email address and contact information may be used by ThompsonGas employees in an effort to speak with you about your application and our job openings.

ThompsonGas Uses Cookies

The term “cookies” is the common term used to refer to code utilized to track visitors who access our site, enabling ThompsonGas the opportunity to customize information for our audience. We will not store personal information, including any financial information, regarding our visitors. Cookies are standard and common on the majority of online websites, however, most web browsers can be set to notify you when cookies are in use or allow you to prevent cookies from being used.

Server Logs

ThompsonGas always strives to ensure our website is as effective as possible. The computers that run our website may obtain specific information every time a viewer visits, keeping these statistics in our server logs. This information does not have the ability to identify users, but it does provide information regarding the type of visitor who comes to the site as well as browsing activities. Data collected in this manner includes IP address of viewers, the browser used to access our website, the operating system used, the last website visited prior to viewing our site, the length of time of any given session as well as the time and date of access. It is possible that we may use this non-personal aggregated information to understand how the site is being used and can share this non-personally identifiable data with advertisers, investors, partners, etc. in order to expand, develop and promote ThompsonGas.

Parental Controls has been created strictly for business purposes. We do not accept job applications from people under the age of 18.

Who Do We Share Your Information With?

Strategic Partners—On occasion, ThompsonGas may enter into alliances in order to enhance and improve the scope of services we provide. Some of these strategic partners may include co-branding our company with similar websites. If you see any website that is co-branded with ThompsonGas, meaning it features both the ThompsonGas logo as well as the trademark or logo of another company, please be aware that the privacy and security policies of these sites may vary from our own. For any questions regarding any particular site, consult the privacy and security policy of that specific site.

Service Providers—We may utilize various outside agencies to make our website function properly. ThompsonGas may use third parties to host our website and ensure various features of the site are functional. Some of these third parties may need access to your information in order to make the services provided work properly. Information will only be disclosed to these service providers on a need-to-know basis, as we will only allow access for the purpose of providing services from these entities in connection with the functionality of our

Employment Applications—The job application process may require some personal information being visible by third parties. For example, we do perform background checks on all applicants, making it necessary to provide information to a third party as part of the process. We also may contact past employers and personal references in order to gain information about all applicants. These communications must be authorized by the job applicant.

What Will Happen To Information In The Event ThompsonGas Sells Some Or All Of Their Business Assets?

If ThomsponGas sells any stock, merges with another company or, if there is any change in control of our company, the new operator will obtain the user information that ThompsonGas currently holds, with the understanding that they will be held to the same privacy and security policies of ThompsonGas. In the event that an acquiring party will not operated a similar business, or, in the even ThompsGas sell it’s business to another entitiy that is different in nature, ThompsonGas will notify users via email giving the opportunity to opt out of any user information being provided to that entity.

How Else Could Information Be Disclosed?

ThompsonGas may be required by law to disclose information in order to comply with a court or government order, subpoena or any other requirement of law. Other than detailed in our security and privacy policy, we will not share or disclose data to anyone.

How Does ThompsonGas Protect Your Information?

We are committed to protecting any information we receive from you. Only ThompsonGas representatives or employees who need access to your information in order to do their work will be granted access. Any ThompsonGas employee who violates any of our security or privacy policies will be disciplined, including possible termination followed by the possibility of criminal and/or civil prosecution.

Omissions & Typos

ThompsonGas tries very hard to make certain all of the information provided on our website is accurate, however we are not responsible for typographical errors, omissions or technical inaccuracies. 

Linking To Other Third Party Web Sites may link to other web sites. These links are meant to provide convenience for the user and any information provided from these third party sites are not created or monitored by ThompsonGas. Clicking any link from to an outside website is at your own risk.

Changes In The ThompsonGas Privacy & Security Policy

It is understood that you acknowledge these policies as part of the terms of service to use If you do not agree, please do not use this site. ThompsonGas reserves the right to change these terms and policies at any time. If we do decide to make any changes, we will post these changes on our site in order to make you aware.

Please note: This Privacy and Security Policy covers our Web site ( as well as our activities on the co-branded Web sites (joint Web sites containing our logo along with another company’s) where this Policy is posted. Please check the privacy and security policies of the Web site you are visiting since activities of ThompsonGas in connection with other co-branded Web sites may be subject to different privacy and security policies.