What's The Best Off The Grid Fuel Source? Propane Of Course!

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Propane is an amazing fuel source for your home or business, but did you know how efficient and ideal it is for those that choose to live off the beaten path?

In areas all across the country, propane has become the most popular fuel choice for powering rural homes, hunting camps and “off-the-grid” housing.  For many areas, electricity, natural gas and other fueling options are not practical or possible; propane, however, is always able to provide heat, hot water and cooking power in even the most remote areas.

Propane is available in portable tanks, similar to the same canisters available at retail stores used to fuel your backyard grill.  This same gas, however, can do so much more than simply cook your steaks, burgers and hot dogs!  When utilizing propane at rural homes and cabins, it’s best to purchase your lp gas from a well respected propane provider in larger containers.

ThompsonGas is able to install large propane tanks on your property helping you rest assured that you will never be without reliable fuel.  Based on the amount of propane you plan on using, we can provide you with portable tanks or lease you large tanks that are filled on site by our delivery trucks.

Keep in mind, when filling your tanks the gauge may only read 80%; this is required to allow for expansion.  When your tank drops below 20% it’s important to schedule a delivery, especially when residing in a rural environment.  Winter storms and inclement weather can make emergency deliveries difficult.  Be prepared and have your propane tank topped off well in advance!

Even if your cabin in the hills is equipped with other sources of fuel including natural gas, oil or electric, it’s still advisable to have propane available.  There have been instances where a storm has knocked out traditional power for weeks at a time.  Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about when the power will return?  Imagine how easy it is to keep your family safe and warm by switching over to propane until your traditional service is restored!

To learn more about powering your home with propane, contact us here or simply call 800.768.6612. Relax knowing your family will always be protected, no matter what Mother Nature has in store!