Top Ten Reasons To Select Propane Ovens & Ranges For Your Home

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As a homeowner, amateur chef, and self-imposed king or queen of the kitchen, you deserve to have the right tools and appliances at your disposal. Chances are you already know the incredible benefits available when grilling with propane outdoors, but were you aware you can also prepare the perfect meals indoors? It’s all possible when converting from natural gas or electric to propane! Here’s the Top Ten Reasons To Select Propane for your home kitchen.

1) Home propane ranges, cooktops and ovens allow for greater control of heat levels. From searing to simmering, precise temperature controls are available. Why else would propane cooking appliances be the preferred choice of professional chefs?

2) Instant-on burners allow cooking to start right away. No need to wait for the oven or stove to reach the right temperature. Just light up the propane right away, and start cooking your masterpiece!

3) Burners are also instant off, providing a safety feature not found in electric cooktops, which an remain dangerously hot for several minutes after being turned off.

4) The instant-off feature of propane also allows food to start cooling immediately, helping to eliminate the risk of overcooking.

5) In addition to the instant-off feature, home propane cooking appliances are manufactured to rigorous safety standards, ensuring safe, efficient cooking every time.

6) Switching from electric to home propane cooking can ease peak load issues with the electric grid and reduce electric bills in the process.

7) Home propane ranges, ovens and other cooking equipment have wide variations in energy use and costs, depending on their use. A general annual estimate for home propane use in the kitchen is 40-60 gallons per year, roughly $80-$120 per year.

8) Compared to electric cooking, home propane cooking results in lower CO2 emissions. Based on typical cooking usage levels and the emissions which electricity generation creates, home propane cooking gives off roughly 30 percent fewer CO2 emissions.

9) Home propane cooking equipment is well suited for any type of new home because of the wide variety of products, designs and sizes available.

10) Propane cooking equipment enhances existing kitchen remodels by offering all the benefits of home propane cooking in what may have been an all-electric kitchen.

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