The Top Ten Blogs Of 2014: A ThompsonGas Year In Review

As we prepare to ring in 2015 we find ourselves looking back fondly on the events of the past year.  Here at ThompsonGas we are very proud to have engaged customers like you through our social media channels as well as our fun and informative weekly blog.  With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to provide a Top Ten List of our most popular articles from 2014 based on reader engagement.

With no further adieu, let’s check out…..

The Top Ten ThompsonGas Blogs From 2014

 #10 The Propane Quiz

We received a lot of positive feedback from our fun Propane Quiz published back in September.  If you missed this one, you really owe it to yourself to see how much you really know about propane!

#9 Big Business Converting To Propane

2014 seemed to be the year when major companies finally decided to convert their fleets to propane. We reported on this trend last July and it seems every week more and more businesses are realizing propane fuel is the right choice.

#8 Grilling Safety Tips You May Not Know

Just in time for grilling season, we shared some little known safety tips to help you get the most our of your propane grill.  This neat little article generated a wealth of positive comments from our grill loving friends.

#7 What Does Propane Have In Common With Green Eggs & Ham?

This cute little analogy helped explain why some people just don’t like the idea of converting to propane. It really is a fun article making some valid points regarding the benefits of trying something new.

#6 This Winter’s Propane Forecast

It was early November and the ThompsonGas team did our research into the upcoming winter’s propane supply.  This blog was actually “retweeted” via our Twitter account and was shared very heavily throughout social media.

#5 Santa’s Naughty Or Nice List

One of our more light-hearted posts from the past year seemed to really resonate with our audience! We’re happy to report we received correspondence from Santa and the three names list on the Naughty List have made things right with the Big Guy!

#4 What Exactly Is A Tiny House?

Always on the cutting edge of all things propane, we decided to spotlight the Tiny House Movement in an article back in early November.  It certainly seems these incredibly small homes are here to stay and will continue to be fueled by environmentally friendly propane.

#3 What Are People Saying About ThompsonGas?

ThompsonGas is proud to service the best customers in the propane business, and we were truly humbled by the testimonials that were featured in our late August blog. Thank you all for the extremely kind words!

#2 A ThompsonGas Holiday Story

Another humorous post detailing a wife’s sneaky trick played on her husband during a winter storm.

#1 ThompsonGas Gives Back

Here it is, our most popular article of 2014! It seems fitting that this blog was chosen as our reader’s favorite as it’s really ours as well.  We are very happy to give back to our communities and look forward to continuing this tradition in 2015 and beyond!


To all of customers, we wish to extend a sincere thank you for your ongoing patronage.  Here’s to a healthy and prosperous New Year!