Time for a Propane Check-Up?

Whether you use propane for heating, cooking or outdoor living, your home’s propane system is designed to keep your family comfortable and safe all year round! Did you know The National Propane Gas Association recommends having your home propane system inspected every five years? When was the last time you had yours inspected? Regular inspections ensure that your propane system is always working safely and efficiently for you and your family!

If you aren’t sure when the last time your propane system was inspected or don’t feel confident about how it works or how to keep it running at its highest performance, then it may be time to call your local ThompsonGas provider and ask for a technician to come perform an inspection.

And, if you’re getting an inspection, be sure your technician is up-to-date with everything that’s happened with your system since the last inspection. These include:

– Changes to your system.
– Any new appliances you’ve installed or removed.
– Any construction or maintenance work done on or near your propane system.
– Unusual smells or signs of a gas leak. (After you’ve followed proper leak safety precautions, of course).

If any of these apply, but you don’t have an inspection scheduled, give us a call to determine if one should be done. Visit our website at www.ThompsonGas.com to find a dealer near you.

Inspections will vary based on the type of system you have, but generally, during an inspection, the technician will ensure that the entire gas system (inside and outside of the home) is working correctly. He/she will also check that everything is installed properly and meets current safety codes! If you are unsure about the smell of propane gas in case of a leak, be sure to ask your technician to demonstrate its odor. Talk with the technician about what they are looking for and ask for any important safety information that you can review with your family!

Regular system inspections are critical to keeping your propane system running smoothly and efficiently! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the upkeep of your system or are questioning whether you need an inspection, be sure to call your local ThompsonGas supplier!