A ThompsonGas Holiday Story

Here’s a cautionary Holiday Tale for all of you husbands!

Outside it was snowing, bitter and cold.
I sat warm with my TV, happy and bold.
“It Is Gameday Sunday!”, I told my wife Jane
She smiled in the kitchen, cooking with propane

We expected friends over to cheer on our team
Could their cars make it through this wintery scene?
Jane was preparing a feast of elegance and grace
as I bent to adjust our dwindling fireplace.

I became quite alarmed when I saw the flame low
I stand and I stretch and to the kitchen I go.
“Jane, my dear, I have some bad news
I am really afraid it may give you the blues.”

I proceeded to tell my lovely wife Jane
I failed to schedule our delivery of propane
Several hot showers and steaks on the grill
can deplete your tank, it certainly will.

She stopped with her mixing, face rosy and red
“That was your job to order, my dear husband Fred.”
Her hands full of dough, a sticky large mass,
“There’s the phone, you should call ThompsonGas.”

“But the roads are atrocious” I nervously say.
“Can ThompsonGas really save the day?”
“You best start dialing, and just so you know,
The Weatherman said we’re expecting more snow.”

I believe that I saw a smile cross her face
But I had little time, to the phone I did race.
I furiously dialed, the other end did ring
“We need more propane, a delivery can you bring?”

“We’re powering everything with your propane fuel,
our family believes propane does rule!”
“It’s our pleasure to help”, the nice voice did respond
“We so love our customers, of them we are fond.”

I provide my info to drop off the fuel,
But within a few seconds, I feel like a fool.
“Fred we have you on our delivery list.
“It seems your well planning wife, you do owe a kiss.”

My advice to all of you husbands out there
when your wife gives you a task don’t grumble or swear
This past Gameday Sunday I learned quite a lesson
When it comes to Jane’s orders I shouldn’t be messin’!

Happy Holidays From ThompsonGas!