ThompsonGas Employee Goes Above & Beyond His Regular Duties

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You may have noticed on our social media pages we’ve been proudly showcasing the heroic efforts of Jeremy Fulkerson, a very special ThompsonGas team member from our newly acquired Kenly, North Carolina location. We had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Jeremy about his quick thinking on a recent customer visit and how grateful Mr. & Mrs. Tom Patton are for his help!

All In A Day’s Work For ThompsonGas Employee Jeremy Fulkerson

It started like any other day for ThompsonGas team member Jeremy Fulkerson—for roughly five years, he would head off to work each morning addressing his daily assignments, but on a recent visit to a client’s home for a routine inspection, he found himself counting on his parental instincts and quick thinking.

Ahead of schedule, Jeremy was early for an appointment at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Patton. Knocking on the door, he was greeted by their teenage daughter, Emily, who, feeling under the weather, remained home from school.  Jeremy explained he was early for his appointment, asking if her parents were available. Emily told Jeremy they were at work, but she would call her mother on the phone to let her know he was there. Before he could let Emily know he would return later, she began to swoon, passing out on the floor near the doorway.

“Well, immediately I rushed to the young girl’s side and asked her if she was ok. She looked very ill as I helped her to the sofa in the living room. I went and picked the cell phone up from the floor where she dropped it and was able to find both her mother and father’s phone number in the contact list. I reached Mr. Patton and he arrived at the home immediately.”

“In (getting up to) answer the door, Emily’s blood pressure dropped quickly, which caused her to pass out,” explained Tom Patton, Emily’s father. “Jeremy waited with my daughter until we arrived. I cannot thank him enough for his response and kindness.”

When asked if he was still receiving praise from his co-workers for his heroic deed, Jeremy responded “My manager, Kevin Craft, he’s always ribbing me about being a hero. I don’t consider myself a hero. If anybody else was there they would have done the same thing I did. I’m a parent of two children, I think it’s just an instinct to jump in when a child’s safety’s involved, that’s all.”

Mr. Patton felt compelled to inform ThompsonGas how appreciative both he, his wife and Emily are with Jeremy’s efforts. “Jeremy’s actions represent your company well.”

Oh, and one more thing Jeremy wanted us to point out—once it was confirmed Emily was fine, he did get to perform his work at the Patton’s home, and finished it ahead of schedule!

On behalf of everyone on the ThompsonGas team, congratulations, Jeremy! You’ve made us proud!