ThompsonGas Delivers Comfort to Homes Every Day.

Propane is one of the most versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly fuel sources in the world. The following are some of the ways families enjoy the comforts of propane every day:


  • Cooktops/Ranges: You can even convert your kitchen stove, cooktop or range to operate via propane. That’s right—you too can prepare an amazing meal indoors just like your favorite celebrity chefs!


  • Clothes Dryers: All too often when using a natural gas or electric clothes dryer don’t you find yourself having to run your laundry through more than one heat cycle? Propane powered clothes dryers are much more energy efficient and are known to run at a consistent temperature, allowing you to get more done!


  • Water Heaters: Tankless hot water heaters fueled by propane are becoming more and more common—and for good reason! Unlike traditional hot water tanks, propane powered tankless heaters provide consistent hot water while actually being more cost efficient.


  • Furnaces: The major reason customers choose propane is to keep their home nice and toasty during the winter months. If you haven’t converted from oil or electric to propane, you’re missing out on some tremendous benefits!


  • Fireplaces: Nothing really compares to a quiet night at home with that special someone in front of a cozy fireplace. And with a beautiful propane flame, there’s never any need to throw another log on the fire or clean out the ashes.


  • Outdoor Fire Pits: Beat those end of summer blues by installing a propane outdoor fire pit. Not only will your fire pit be a beautiful addition to your backyard, you’ll also be able to relax comfortably and enjoy those brisk autumn and spring evenings.


  • Pool and Spa Heaters: Ever have the experience of jumping into a pool only to find yourself scampering out because the water is so frigid? Temperature is never a problem when using a propane fueled hot tub or swimming pool heater.