This July 4th Declare Your Independence From High Utility Bills

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We can all remember sitting in History class, learning about the birth of our great nation; the oppression experienced by the original Thirteen Colonies, the Red Coats sent by the English government to keep us Americans in line, and of course “The Shot Heard Round The World”, the incident credited with starting the American Revolution.  Our Founding Fathers simply had enough of living under British rule, and decided to do something about it.


And here we are today, 239 years later, preparing to celebrate another July 4th. If it weren’t for the perseverance, sacrifice, vision and desire for a better life, we could still be living under the rule of the British Crown. America would never have had the opportunity to truly become the Land of The Brave and The Home Of The Free.  This holiday, you too, can finally declare your independence from overpriced utility bills, and ThompsonGas can help!


Stand Up To High Utility Bills—Choose Propane

Aren’t you tired of cringing when you walk to the mailbox, afraid of the stack of expensive bills that always seem to be waiting inside? Perhaps when you purchased your home it came equipped with an oil furnace and you thought to yourself “Well, it’s already there…guess I’m now an oil customer.” Maybe you’re not totally sold on your electric or natural gas home heating system, but you have the preconceived notion that it would be too much of a hassle to try propane.  We’re here to tell you how converting to propane is much easier, more affordable and safer for the environment than you’ve ever thought!


Now Is The Time To Convert Your Home Furnace To Run On Propane

Converting to propane has never been easier.  Call us at 888.847.7672 for your FREE Home Heating Audit. One of our home propane specialists will review your current system and provide a detailed, customized plan to convert your system to propane. ThompsonGas also offers a convenient financing plan to approved customers in order to get your new equipment up and running in no time.  But, as they say on those infomercials “Wait, there’s more!”


We also provide a wide spectrum of customer credits and manufacturer rebates to make your savings even that much more incredible. You’ll be saving money on your utility bills, up  to $1,000 annually when compared to typical oil and electric rates, and you’ll be awarded a $200 credit when converting your electric or oil heating system to environmentally friendly propane.


Additionally, there may be federal and state tax incentives available! When your ThompsonGas professional visits to perform your complimentary home heating audit, make you sure ask about all the tax breaks you could be eligible for!


Consider this—do you want to continue to live under the oppression of your electric company or home oil provider? Wouldn’t you like to have more money left in your bank account each month? Can’t you just imagine taking all of your home heating bills and throwing them into the Boston Harbor? Ok, well maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea!


Yes, this July 4th, when you’re cooking burgers and dogs on your propane grill, or you watch as the family warms themselves around a propane fire pit enjoying a fireworks display in the night sky, think  about how our Founding Fathers stood up for change. Just because you’ve always done something one way doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Declare your independence from relying on traditional fuel sources—convert to propane!


Have A Great July 4th!