The beauty and warmth of a propane fireplace from ThompsonGas.

There’s something special about sitting around a fireplace on a blustery autumn evening! If you’re like most people, and not interested in a traditional fireplace, the mess it leaves, and the cold house that follows, then a propane fireplace may be for you!

Propane fireplaces give you the luxury of a roaring fire with the simple click of a button. There are many advantages to choosing propane over wood including cost efficiency, ease of use, less mess and of course, the pleasure of enjoying a propane fireplace.

I know, maybe you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, I don’t want one of those tacky blue-flame fires in my house.” The good news is that a modern propane fireplace can look exactly the way you’ve always imagined with fully customizable options and endless installation possibilities. Companies like Mendota fireplaces specialize in creating a fireplace for any home and you can check out their designs at your local Thompson Gas showroom.

On top of looking and sounding like the real deal, propane fireplaces also produce heat without leaving the majority of your home even colder than before. In fact, you can get up to 99% of propane’s energy back in heat instead of the 10-30% for wood fires. Say hello to a warm home this fall! In addition to a warmer home, propane fireplaces also keep costs down in the colder months by warming up the rooms you use most instead of running heating in every room!

When choosing a propane fireplace, there are many things to consider! Visit your local Thompson Gas Showroom for more information!