Teach Your Kids About Propane Safety The Fun Way!

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If you have children, regardless of their age, you’ve learned quite a bit about what it means to be a parent! When it comes to teaching something new to a child, chances are you realized very quickly the old adage that “show, don’t tell” yields the best results. Yes, you can talk until you’re blue in the face regarding a new concept, but as soon as you visually show them the same material you attempted to describe their eyes come alive with recognition!

Understanding this concepts, our friends over at the Propane Education & Research Council created a really imaginative website geared to kids, teaching them propane safety lessons as well as how beneficial this amazing fuel source really is.

Introduce Your Children To PropaneKids.com

Children of all ages will love PropaneKids.com! Hundreds of our ThompsonGas family of customers have logged in, helping their kids find easy to understand propane questions such as:

• What Exactly Is Propane?
• Where Does Propane Come From?
• How Do We Use Propane In Our Daily Lives?
• How Can Recognize A Propane Leak By Smell?
• What Do You Do In Case Of An Emergency?

With over 60 million households utilizing propane in the United States alone—and that number is growing—it’s imperative that everyone in your home understands as much as they can about this popular alternative fuel.

PropaneKids In The Classroom

The good people at the Propane Education & Research Council made PropaneKids.com as easy to use as possible, with games, activities and fun downloads for children of various ages. Teachers and parents can easily find the proper lessons segregated into three different levels. There is even a page dedicated to classroom specific activities as well as student packets for teachers to download, all free of charge!

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