10 Tailgating Tips

Football season is almost here! It’s time to grab your jersey and fire up the propane grill.

Start planning now to impress your family and friends. These tips will help you save lots of time on game day. 

  1. Make sure your grill is clean and you have plenty of propane. Nothing would be more disappointing, besides your team losing, than running out of propane.
  2. Instead of packing all the things you need before every game, prepare a tailgating kit that you can take with you to every game.
  3. Remember to refrigerate your drinks in advance so that ice in your cooler will last longer. Freezing bottles of water to put in the cooler will help as well.
  4. Pre-form hamburger patties the night before and place between wax paper. This will save a lot of time when you have a bunch of hungry fans waiting to eat.
  5. Slice and pack vegetables for burger toppings in advance. You don’t want to spend time doing it on game day.
  6. Skewer and marinate kabobs the night before. So, you will be able to get them started on the grill right away.
  7. A 6-pack holder is perfect for placing all your favorite condiments.
  8. Pack a plastic container with plenty of plates, silverware and napkins. And, don’t forget garbage bags.
  9. Label coolers to make it easier to find things. You don’t want everyone opening the coolers over and over to find what they need.
  10. Now, relax and enjoy the season.