Summer Is Here—Do You Have A Propane Generator?

Wow, we’re already celebrating the Fourth Of July. Before you know it the kids will be gearing up for school, the days will get shorter and then, dare we say, winter will be upon us. Of course none of us want to think about that right now—it’s summer after all—but we all know how quickly time flies. Just because we’re currently experiencing temperatures in the mid-80s, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking about what’s to come. In fact, summer is the perfect time to look into purchasing a propane generator.

Summer is notorious for nasty thunderstorms, and we all know what that means. No one is exempt from unexpected power outages….well, almost no one. For those of you who own a propane powered generator, you’re well aware of how important it is to have a backup power source when those summer storms wreak havoc.

Have you ever lost power due to a summer storm and found yourself having to throw away all of those groceries you just purchased? Find yourself scrambling for candles and flashlights just to be able to find your way around the house? Oh, and we’ve all experienced how when you really need a flashlight, you never seem to have the batteries on hand to power them! Yes, summer storms can be frustrating, to say the least, but not for those who had the foresight to purchase a propane powered backup generator.

Propane standby generators can be installed permanently on your property and are able to power your home for a longer period of time than smaller, traditionally fueled gasoline generators.

The real value of a propane powered generator, however, becomes evident in the colder weather months. Depending where you live, winter storms can be brutal, even life threatening. When you invest in a propane powered generator you’ll be ensuring your family, property and peace of mind are safe and secure, even during the worst blizzards.

ThompsonGas is here to help you select the right propane powered generator for your home. We offer a wide selection of propane generators from Kohler, the industry leader in backup generators. We are also able to provide professional propane generator installation, ensuring you and your family are never negatively impacted by inclement weather.

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