Spring is almost here. It’s barbecue season and time for spring cleaning your gas grill.

Maintenance and cleaning are essential to the lifespan of your grill. Even if you’ve been grilling all winter, it’s still a good idea to spend time spring cleaning on your gas grill.


Things you will need to get started: compressed air/canned air, wire brush, soapy water, old rags, sponges, toothpicks, grill scraper, canola oil, paper towels, hose, glass or stainless cleaner.


Interior Cleaning:


  • Make sure you turn the gas off before you start to clean.
  • Clean out the cobwebs and any debris with compressed air.
  • Remove grates and clean both sides with soapy water and wire brush.
  • Clean the metal plates that protect the burners with soapy water and sponge.
  • Wipe burners gently and check the holes for clogs using a toothpick to dislodge grime that may be blocking the gas flow.
  • Use a grill scraper to remove any charred drippings from the bottom of the grill.
  • Once you remove all the charred drippings, clean the bottom of the grill with soapy water and sponge.
  • Clean the lid of the grill with a soapy sponge.
  • Reassemble the grill by putting the burner covers and grates back in place.
  • Turn the gas onto high and close the lid. Let it burn for 15 minutes to burn off any soap or cleaner.
  • Turn off the burners and use a paper towel to oil the grates with canola oil.

Exterior Cleaning:


  • Make sure you turn the gas off before you start to clean.
  • If your grill has a disposable drip pan or cup, remove it and replace it. If it isn’t disposable, clean the grease out with paper towels. Once you’ve removed the grease, rinse with soapy water
  • Wipe the exterior of the grill with an old rag and soapy water.
  • Rinse the soap away gently with a hose.
  • Clean any stainless steel with glass or stainless cleaner and paper towel.

Turn the gas back on … Now,  you’re ready to start grilling. Enjoy!