A Sneak Peek At Santa’s Naughty Or Nice List!

As a reader of our ThompsonGas blog, we’re always trying to give you the latest news, information and most entertaining articles regarding all things propane. Today, we have a very special treat! One of our ThompsonGas insiders forwarded us an email that they received from none other than Santa Claus. This informant, who insisted on complete anonymity, asked if we could share the contents of this correspondence involving the very secretive “Naughty Or Nice List” jolly St. Nick uses to plan his Holiday travels.  Curious to see if you’re name is mentioned?

Santa’s Naughty Or Nice List

Ho, Ho, Ho!

It’s that time of year again where I sit back in my North Pole office, turn on my propane-powered fireplace and review the last few names on my Naughty Or Nice List. If you’re receiving this email, it means you’ve either been very good or you have some work to do before I jump in my sleigh!

Santa’s Nice List

Billy S.

Relax Little Billy, I did get your request for a new tankless hot water heater, and yes, I agree, you’ve been a very good boy all year long!

Tommy B.

A new propane grill for your tailgating gatherings is already loaded up on the back of my sleigh. I particularly liked the way you helped your friends move into their new construction home back in July.

Kaitlyn S.

You’re a very smart girl and prepared for winter by ordering your propane from ThompsonGas at the end of August! For that you can expect to see your new propane appliances in your kitchen Christmas morning!

Santa’s Naughty List

Missy D.

I’m not very pleased with you, Melissa! That was a nasty trick leaving me healthy rice cakes and soymilk last year. I may consider stopping by again this year, but if you don’t leave real cookies and a nice glass of whole milk I just may forget to leave you that gas heating stove you’ve had your eye on all season.

Jane G.

Jane, I have to admit, it was a funny trick you played on your husband, but your little prank placed you on my Naughty List. You can make it up by understanding that your husband is just a bit forgetful and that he learned his lesson! Can you do that?

Brian F.

My elves have reported that you considered converting from oil to propane last spring, but you still haven’t made the switch.  You’re a smart boy, but maybe you haven’t done your homework enough to realize the tremendous benefits available when converting to propane.  If you take the ThompsonGas Propane Quiz, and get all the answers correct, you just may find that new Kohler® generator you’ve been asking for!

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you in just a week or so. I hope I don’t have to put any more coal on my sled this year…propane is much lighter for my reindeer to carry!

Santa Claus