Sky High Electric Bills Having You Fearing the Mailman?

Never Fear the Mailman Again! Convert From Electric To Propane!

Your mailman shows up every day, rain or shine, snow or hail, battling fierce dogs, icy sidewalks, sore feet and achy muscles with the sole purpose of ensuring your mail arrives on time. It just so happens that bundle of envelopes does sometimes contain bills—but that’s part of life, right?

If you’re using oil or electric to heat your home, we can understand why you’re conditioned to feel queasy when sorting through the daily mail. It’s almost like a twisted, ironic joke that your heating bills grow exponentially in the winter…always right after the holidays! Do you really want to spend so much to heat your home, especially when you’re likely still paying for all those holiday gifts?

There’s no reason to continue making this same mistake! Let ThompsonGas show you how easy it is to convert to propane. You can save up to $1,000 a year, possibly more, when changing your oil or electric furnace to a propane powered heating unit.

If you would love to convert to propane, but think it sounds like a pretty big investment.  It’s not with ThompsonGas’ approved credit financing.  We’ve made the transition to propane as easy as possible for you. We even offer a complimentary Home Heating Audit to help you decide if transitioning to propane is right for you! Visit today!