Seriously, What Was Propane Life Like Before The Internet?

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Doesn’t it seem like anything is possible now that everything imaginable is online?  When we began providing propane to local residents and businesses nearly seven decades ago the entire industry was different—actually, every industry was different!


Even the most complex details of running a company have become simplified, practically automated, thanks to the Internet.  Whether it be looking up school closings during the cold weather months, checking the current price of stocks or simply finding that amazing recipe for snicker doodles, it’s all out there somewhere on the web, just a simple mouse click away.


Whether you still rely on a desktop computer, a laptop or prefer the convenience of your tablet or cellphone, everyone has access to this Amazing Oracle to glean information about every topic imaginable.  In fact, are you aware of all the incredible tools we provide on our website? Check it out!


ThomsponGas Online Bill Payment

ThompsonGas customers no longer need to write a check in order to receive the best propane prices available! Simply utilize our convenient online bill pay technology and you’ll never have to worry if your payment was received—and you can save the price of a stamp!


ThompsonGas Propane Delivery Requests

Current ThompsonGas customers can request a delivery right on our website! Before completing the online form, make sure you have taken a reading from your tank gauge. Your delivery driver will need this information before filling your tank.


ThompsonGas Repair Requests

Having a problem with your propane tank or appliance? Fill out this convenient form and we will get you scheduled for service right away! If you think you may have a propane leak CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT 800.768.6612.


Find The Closest ThompsonGas Location

Curious if we can provide service to your new address? Simply type in your zip code here and you’ll now how close we are to you in a matter of seconds!


Refer A Friend To ThompsonGas & Receive A Credit

We know your opinion carries a lot of weight with your friends and family. Here you can learn how to receive up to $150 in ThompsonGas credit towards your bill by referring our services to a new customer.


Get Social With ThompsonGas

Our site is absolutely loaded with valuable information regarding propane, residential tips and even just some fun social media articles, tweets and cool pictures.  Check it out!

So, what do you think the next great technological advancement will be? Is there something right around the corner that will have the same impact on our daily lives as the Internet? We can’t answer that question, but we think we know someone who can……Hello, Siri?