School Buses Go Back-to-School with Propane Service

As the kids prepare to head back to the bus stop this month, school bus fleets are heading back to school in style with a greener, cleaner fuel alternative. From Nebraska to Connecticut, many school districts across the country are ditching diesel and opting for eco-friendly propane fuel instead. School systems are looking for meaningful ways to save money and improve their impact on the environment. Propane service’s efficiency, reliability and affordability make propane-fueled school buses a growing choice for such demanding, high-mileage routes. Propane vehicles provide a range of low-emission and cost-effective alternatives for public school transportation.


Here are a few benefits of powering your school bus fleet with propane by ThompsonGas:


  • Reduced fleet maintenance costs and increased engine life
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and particulate emissions in comparison to bus fleets fueled by gasoline
  • Promotes environmentally-friendly practices to students, teachers and the community because of their high visibility
  • Supports the use of domestically produced fuel, decreasing reliance on foreign imports
  • Simple, often onsite, refueling process
  • Cost-effective development of onsite refueling infrastructure
  • Tax exemptions and credits of 50 cents per every gallon of propane sold
  • Lower fuel costs than diesel-fueled alternatives


From start to propane, ThompsonGas is with you every step of the way to ensure your school bus fleet program is constantly achieving its maximum cost and environmental benefits. For more information or to power your school buses now with propane, click here to contact the propane suppliers at ThompsonGas.