Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Six More Weeks Of Winter….

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Well, the news is out. Everyone is talking about the uniquely accurate predictions of that lovable varmint who seems to hold our wintery fate in his little paws. It’s official, six more weeks of winter….but is that really a bad thing?

Keep Your Home Toasty Warm With Propane

Yes, we couldn’t agree with you more—winter stinks! It’s bitterly cold, icy roads make traveling hazardous and, if you haven’t yet converted from oil or electric to propane, utility bills can even make you dread opening the mail. Here at ThompsonGas we like to consider ourselves a “glass half full” type of company, so let’s take a few minutes to focus on everything positive about the next six weeks of winter. We’re not about to let that rascally rodent ruin our next month and a half!

You’re probably thinking “Ok, what could possibly be good about more cold weather?” Well, consider if you will, the following events scheduled to take place within the next six weeks:

Valentine’s Day February 14th

That one special day when we can warm the hearts of those we love by simply acknowledging how important they are!

Mardi Gras February 17th

Suffering from cabin fever? Have some vacation time coming your way? Consider taking the trip to New Orleans for the biggest party of the year.

MLB Spring Training Begins February 19th

Pitchers & Catchers report to camp and the Boys of Summer return with their first pre-season game on March 3rd, always a sign that warmer months are just around the bend!

The 87th Academy Awards February 22nd

Who doesn’t like watching this annual event snuggled away in their warm living room?

Daylight Savings Time Is March 8th

The days get longer when we set our clocks ahead, meaning light and the promise of sunny days to come!

The above, Dear Friends, is just the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended…. seriously!) What will you be looking forward to in the next six weeks? Do you picture yourself taking a weeklong retreat to a warmer climate? Maybe a little bird told you about a great stock tip you can invest your tax return on? Perhaps you’ll prepare for summer by investing in a new grill or finally converting from electric to propane!

Let us know your positive thoughts about riding out the rest of winter in the comments section below!