Propane VS. Charcoal: Which Grill Is Better?

Yes, there was a period, well over a half century ago when it came to grilling charcoal was your go to fuel source. That all changed, however, in the late 1950’s with the rise in popularity of the propane grill. It’s hard to believe that some diehards still, to this very day, refuse to trade in their labor intensive charcoal grill for a state of the art, energy efficient propane model. In this article, we’re going to lay it all out for those charcoal creatures of habit to see if we can make them see the bright blue flame at the end of the tunnel.

Why Choose A Propane Grill?

Oh, what a loaded question! Where should we start? Well, the main reason we grill is for the taste, so let’s start there.

Food Prepared On A Propane Grill Just Tastes Better!

Ok, taste is relative, but there’s something about a burger cooked over a flaming charcoal brick that just reeks of lighter fluid, don’t you think? Yes, we get it, you just can’t get that smoky flavor cooking over charcoal provides, but that is no longer true! Many propane grills now offer smoke boxes which can produce that same flavor all you charcoal lovers have grown accustomed to.

Propane Grills Are Way Easier To Use Than Charcoal Grills

Don’t even try to debate this one! There is no way anyone can argue that charcoal grills are easier to use than propane grills. What could be easier than turning a valve on your propane tank, pushing a button and POW, the grill is lit? Just try getting those pesky charcoal briquettes to flame on during a windy day and you’ll see exactly what we mean, which leads us to our next point….

Propane Grills Can Be Used Year Round

Nothing like grilling a nice steak in the winter! Yes, we get it, technically you can use a charcoal grill when it’s freezing outside, too, but do you really want to? It would be darn chilly hovering over an open charcoal flame, battling with the wind and the snow to keep that puppy ablaze. No thank you, we would rather do our December grilling on our propane grill!

It’s Cheaper To Cook On A Propane Grill

A propane grill is going to cost more than a charcoal grill, but in the long run, the propane choice is way cheaper! Consider this—how much does a bag of charcoal briquettes cost? Uh-huh, and you can only use what you’ve loaded in the grill just that one time, right? And of course you know how much a full tank of propane costs, but did you know you can up to 20 hours of grilling from that investment? We’re not even going to get into the mess you have to dispose of after using a charcoal grill. Sorry, what was that? The mess that needs cleaned up after grilling on your propane grill? None!

Food is more evenly cooked when using propane! Propane is more environmentally friendly! Propane grills just look more stylish! Seriously, we could go on and on about the benefits of propane, but we don’t want to take up anymore of your valuable time. In fact, we suggest you stop reading this article right now and click here to check out the wide variety of propane grills available at! You’re ready to make the switch, right?