Considering A Propane Tankless Water Heater?

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Ahh, the pleasures of home ownership. Whether you’re a landlord or you’ve owned your dream house for decades, sooner or later you will be hit with a surprise expense. Furnaces will simply stop working, roof shingles will need replaced, your refrigerator will mysteriously refuse to keep food cold and, as Murphy’s Law states, these problems always happen at the worst possible time.


When it comes to repairing or replacing items in your home, often the decision is made based on just a few factors with price usually topping the list. This can be a big mistake! Just because an appliance has a lower retail tag than alternative items, that doesn’t necessarily make it a best buy. Take for example your electric or gas fueled hot water tank.


In our scenario above, of course your hot water tank would spring a leak while you’re doing a load of laundry or, worse yet when you’re in the shower. A decision must be made to replace the source of your hot water, but you do have options. Tankless water heaters are becoming very popular, and for good reasons. Let’s find out why!


The Benefits of Propane Fueled Tankless Water Heaters

For decades, Europeans have been using tankless hot water heaters, saving a great deal of money on utility bills. In recent years, our side of the pond has been coming around to the understanding that there are real benefits to “going tankless”.

  • Save Money Using Tankless Water Heaters: Traditional tanks keep your water heated 24/7, even when hot water isn’t being used. This costs money….all day, everyday. With tankless water heaters, the water is heated immediately as it’s being used. What process sounds more logical to you?
  • Never Be Forced To Take A Cold Shower Again: Even the largest hot water tanks can take over an hour to recover when used consistently. If you have a large family you’ve more than likely had to experience the “thrill” of hot water running out while taking a shower. With propane fueled tankless water heaters this problem becomes a thing of the past!
  • Reclaim Your Basement: As we mentioned earlier, hot water tanks are traditionally installed in basements, and let’s just say they aren’t the prettiest thing to look at! You can reclaim that valuable space as tankless water heaters take up a fraction of the room, able to be wall mounted nearly anywhere in your home!
  • Built To Last: These amazing water heaters are durable, namely because there is no tank storing stationary water. No build up, no rust no sediment…nothing to gum up the works like in traditional tanks.

Yes, these units are a bit more expensive than traditional hot water tanks, however the utility savings will cover the difference, usually before the tankless heater is even one year old! Every day, week, month and year after will enable you to have more money for other things.

By the way, does it look like those shingles are coming up to you?