Propane Services for Home Builders

At last week’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, stand-by generators, combined heat and power energy systems, and other propane energy sources were the hot-ticket topics on everyone’s tongues. Homebuilders are looking for that edge that will make their properties more attractive to buyers, and home propane certainly packs that punch. Propane gas services deliver the energy solutions that homeowners love, and homebuilders will reap the rewards by adding residential propane service to their sales arsenal.


For more than 65 years, ThompsonGas has partnered with builders to offer affordable propane prices and reputable propane services that attract potential homebuyers. We know what services builders and developers need from an energy provider. Now is the time to partner with us as your propane dealer for all of your propane home building needs.


•Propane reduces energy costs significantly over time, and propane appliances are far more efficient than their electric or oil counterparts. When potential homebuyers learn that they can save up to 50% on their energy bills with home propane while adding value to their home, they’ll be inspired to choose propane — and ultimately, you as their homebuilder.


•With a propane home, homeowners can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 68%. Since nearly 98% of homeowners believe it’s important that their home be as energy efficient as possible, propane home options are practical solutions.  Plus, homeowners could earn points under green building programs like the National Green Building Standard and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Homes.


•From start to finish, ThompsonGas installs the tanks, handles permits, final connections and more. We can help develop materials for use in your model, spec homes or marketing materials. When the home goes to closing, we can present the homebuyer with a disclosure that provides details of propane gas service. We’ll also provide the price the customer can pay to purchase the tank, with no obligation to ThompsonGas.


If you’re a homebuilder looking for a valuable relationship with a propane supplier and residential propane services most appealing to homeowners, consider ThompsonGas. Let us provide you with the propane service and cheap propane you need to sell your homes faster. Click here to learn more.