How Did You Do On The Propane Quiz?


Are you ready to find out how well you did on the ThompsonGas propane quiz? Let’s take a look at the answers!


Question #1


When was the first propane company created?




b.) 1912


Pretty fascinating, isn’t it? Propane was literally discovered by accident way back in 1910 and, just two years later, was made available to the consumer as an affordable, efficient alternative fuel.  Source


Question #2


Roughly how many forklifts in the U.S. are fueled by propane?




d.) 670,000


Yes, over half a million forklifts are powered by propane, and why not? With less emissions being produced than traditional fuel sources and the ability to simply swap tanks rather than waiting for a battery to recharge, propane helps keeps America’s warehouses and factories productive and efficient. Source


Question #3


What does propane smell like?




c.) Nothing


We know what you’re thinking, but the correct answer is “c”; propane is nearly odorless.  A “scent” is mixed with propane in order to detect any leaks, but, in it’s raw form, lp gas really has no scent. Source


Question #4


How much money did UPS recently invest in propane fueled trucks and fueling stations across the United States?



b.) $70 million


UPS isn’t the only business investing in propane! Source


Question #5


Never let your propane tank fall below what percentage?




a.) 20%


You never know when severe weather can strike, be prepared and keep that tank full! Source


Question #6


Propane is able to do a lot of things in a variety of applications, but there was one answer that simply was not true….




d.) Propane Can Only Be Used In Residential Applications


Was that question too easy? Of course you know propane is not only used as a fuel source in homes, it’s also used in a variety of business and agricultural applications. Source


Question #7


Propane fuel is available at filling stations in every state; what other alternative fuel can make that claim?




c.) None


That’s right, nada, none, zilch! Propane is the only alternative fuel with filling stations in all 50 states!  Source


Question #8


How much of a credit can ThompsonGas clients earn by replacing their oil tank to a propane powered heating appliance?



b.) $300


And that’s not the only incentive available to converting to propane! Source


Question #9


What percentage of propane is actually produced here in the United States?




a.) 90%


Yes, an amazing 90% of the propane used domestically is produced right here in our own backyard! Source


Question #10


Propane is also referred to as “LP Gas”, but what does the “LP” stand for?




d.) Liquefied Petroleum


LP Gas, liquefied petroleum, propane—it all means the same thing, the most affordable and efficient alternative to traditional fuel! Source



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