Propane Powered Summer

Power up the propane summer is here! You wouldn’t think but propane plays a huge role in a lot of summers most anticipated events. From heating your pool to planning family vacations propane is a necessary component to your summer’s success. Here are a few ways how propane can make this summer one to remember.


  1. Heat your pool with a propane heater – no more freezing cold water! Take a dip whenever you want with the help of a propane powered pool heater. Always have your pool at the perfect temperature, no matter what the temperature reads outside.
  2. Heat your Jacuzzi – Keep your Jacuzzi toasty during chilly summer evenings with the help of a propane powered hot tub heater. Clean and cost efficient – propane heaters are the way to go this summer!
  3. Patio Heaters – Use propane to light your patio heaters; whether you are having dinner or just hanging out make sure your company stays warm on breezy summer evenings.
  4. Fire-Pit – Use our propane powered fire pit to enjoy evenings outside with your loved ones, roast marshmallows, and recap on your summers best moments by your propane powered fire-pit.
  5. Hot Air Balloon Rides – so many activities can be powered by propane, take your loved ones for a hot air balloon ride and really see propane in action while taking in some simply gorgeous Ariel views.
  6. Sailing – Spend the summer on the water, sail the seas and eat delicious meals cooking with your boats own propane powered oven.

As you can see propane plays many important roles, make this summer one to remember and choose propane for your cooking and heating needs. For more information contact a ThompsonGas Representative or visit one of the ThompsonGas Show Rooms for all your propane powered summer essentials.