Propane Inventions That Just May Make Your Life Easier

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We’ve been writing quite a bit lately about the increase in popularity in regards to propane powered vehicles, so we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some other propane items that are making headlines. Some of these inventions, from what we can tell based on our research, aren’t yet available to the public while others are already in use. Here at ThompsonGas we don’t endorse or refute any of these, how shall we say…”unique” gadgets, but we do think they’re pretty interesting in their own right! Join us as we share a few of these products that caught our interest.

The Happy Roller

We’ve all heard that necessity is the mother of invention, and it appears the creation of this item could be considered a requirement for those who don’t like, or simply can’t, haul their portable propane tanks from their car to the grill.  To learn more about this propane caddy you can read the full article on Inside Business.

You know, they might be onto something with this propane tank mover…

Campfire In A Can

Ok, we have to admit, this product definitely has a catchy title! Imagine having your own portable propane powered fire pit to take to the beach, campground or patio. It appears the manufacturer is so confident you’ll love this device they even offer a “100% Happy Camper Guarantee”.  We know how great relaxing around a propane fire can be, so maybe this invention deserves a bit more attention.  Check out “campfire in a can”.

Propane Heated Chair

We would imagine this product would get snatched up quickly on “Shark Tank”, but from what we can tell it’s still available for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to look into. According to this site, the propane heated chair is “a portable chair with an integral propane heating means.” Basically, it’s a seat that keeps you warm when relaxing outside in the colder months.

GasWatch Digital Propane Tank Scale

This one has been available for a few months now, and it just may be something you’ll want to buy your dad for Father’s Day. It’s a digital scale that can tell you, via WiFi, how much propane is left in your grill tank.  Of course, if you’re currently using your home propane tank to fuel your grill you won’t have any need for this….

The ProGo Scooter

Wow, a stylish scooter that runs on clean, environmentally friendly propane! Now this one we’d really like to see take off (no pun intended!) The ProGo Scooter is currently available, and it’s not just for kids!