Propane Grill Cleaning and Maintenance

Grilling and enjoying delicious food is a great way to spend time with family and friends any season. To ensure your propane grill has a longer lifespan, follow these cleaning and maintenance steps:


1.  Burn Off Left-over Food and Grease


After each use, turn the heat to high for 15 minutes, or until there’s no more smoke from the burning residue. By burning it to ash, it can be easily removed.


2.  Lightly Oil Grates


Lightly oil the grates before each use to extend the life of your grill. Use a wire brush to remove bits of burned food and grease. You can simply use a paper towel with vegetable oil and rub it over the grates.


3.  Don’t Neglect the Exterior


It’s easy to forget about the exterior. But every now and then, you should use a soft cloth with some household cleaner to keep your propane grill looking great.


4.  Invest in a Grill Cover


To keep your grill looking great longer, invest in a grill cover. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes available, you should be able to find one that fits just right. You will just need to remember to put the cover back on after the grill has cooled down.


5.  Deep Clean Your Grates


Once or twice a year, you will want to deep clean your grates. You should take the grates off and clean them with soapy water. Be sure to scrape between each grate to get all of the accumulated grime off.


6.  Thorough Cleaning


Now that you have the grates out, you will be able to clean in places that are harder to reach. You will need soapy water and a wire brush to clean the burner protectors, burners and the bottom tray. Following your owner’s manual instructions when doing this will keep you safe. Make sure you disconnect your propane tank before starting to clean.


Now that your propane grill looks like new, invite your family and friends over, fire it up and start grilling.


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